She was cheating on her boyfriend with me
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She was cheating on her boyfriend with me

By Kate R Monday, March 27, 2017 - 10:50
“I thought my gf was cheating on me. Then I found out something worse. We had hooked up while she was already in a relationship with someone else. I was shattered.”

Cyrus is a 24-year-old advertising professional from Hyderabad.

A quick puff

I met Aditi at a pub three years ago. I was out with my friends for a weekend drink and she was there with one of our mutual friends. We hit it off really well that day. Aditi and I were the only people in the group who smoked. The two of us went away from the table every half an hour for a quick puff. That gave us a lot of time to get to know each other.

I had such a good time with her that I did something I would never do. I asked for her number. As soon as she gave me her number, she asked for mine. I was really surprised but happy. It wasn’t the alcohol that was making me high that night but meeting and talking to Aditi.

Getting together

After that night, we promised to stay in touch. We started texting each other and speaking over the phone every day. We went out on a few dates, and then one day, she invited me over to her place. One thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.

It was a great feeling. To be honest, the cuddling afterwards was amazing too. I spent the night at her place but we didn’t sleep at all. The next day, we both called in sick at work. We wanted to spend the entire day in bed.

Over the next two weeks, I started going over to Aditi’s place regularly. We had never defined our relationship and weren’t planning to do so. Being with her was fun. I thought we had one of those relationships where we didn’t need to announce or declare our status to anyone.

Her face went pale

Time started passing by really fast. Most of my time was now being spent with Aditi. Her hobbies were becoming my hobbies. My favourite TV shows were becoming her favourite shows. One fine afternoon, we were out for lunch and she got a call on her phone. She seemed hesitant to pick after seeing the number on the screen. When she picked up the phone, her face went pale.

After disconnecting the call, she said she had to rush back home. I asked her what the situation was but she wasn’t ready to share. I didn’t force but offered to drop her back home. She told me not to worry as it was a work-related issue.

Later that day, I called her up, but she didn’t answer. I dropped her a text message too but didn’t receive a response.

Off the grid

Aditi started ignoring me after that day. My calls were never answered and messages never got any response. Frustrated with her ignorance, the next couple of days, I went over to her place but found the door locked. I wanted to know what was wrong but I figured she might have had some sort of an emergency.

A week later, she called me. She informed me that her friend had met with an accident and she had to be in the hospital. She also said she wanted to meet me. I was excited. I really missed her and went over to her place straight after work.

When I tried getting close to her, she brushed me away. I thought she still had the accident on her mind and dismissed the feeling of rejection. Aditi started behaving weird day by day. She wouldn’t speak with me like she used to or wouldn’t show interest in meeting me.

From that day, I stopped chasing her or constantly asking her to be with me. I still liked her but she didn’t seem the same anymore. If I asked her to meet, she would make up an excuse instantly. However, she would post her photos of partying on Instagram every weekend. This made me believe she was cheating on me.

Confront the reality

One day, I just lost it and went over to her place, hoping to confront her. I knocked the door and a guy opened it. My worse suspicions were being confirmed. I asked him, aggressively, who the hell he was. The guy seemed bewildered and replied instantly that he was Aditi’s boyfriend.

“Oh yeah?” I snarled. “Since when?”

“Since college,” he said.

At that very moment, I couldn’t feel my limbs anymore. My mind went blank. I had gone over to Aditi’s place to confront her about cheating. Turned out, I was right. However, she wasn't cheating on me. She was cheating on her boyfriend with me.


Back to recovery

Later that day, Aditi called me but I didn’t pick up her call. She dropped me a few texts but I decided to never speak to her again. I can also only assume that Aditi’s boyfriend never put two and two together, about our relationship. For all I know, they are still together. I keep seeing their pictures on social media.

It has been two years since Aditi and I went out. Our relationship was very short but she hurt me and in a wrong way. I feel, I still haven’t  recovered from that breach of trust. I can only hope that one day, I can go back to being the cheerful guy I was.

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