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How can I make my crush fall in love with me?

By Auntyji Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 11:32
Hi Auntyji, I have a huge crush on a guy in my class. How can I make him fall for me? Can you give me some tips! Pari, 18, Bhavnagar.

Auntyji says ‘Make him fall in love’, lo beta! Can one make anyone fall in love? My answer is – No, not really! See why...

Force never works

Tell me one thing beta Pari, do you eat all kinds of vegetables – say the hot ‘favourite’ ones like tori, tinda family? If not, then can anything anyone says make you eat them? Nahin na? Bas so betaji, it’s not really possible to force someone to fall in love with you or anyone either.  

The ‘other party’ has an equal say in this beta - sehmati, agreement, consent is needed from there too. But wait, all is not lost. We still can try to make some efforts, hai ki nahin?

Auntyji ka tip no. 1: dosti first!

At least get to know the guy a bit better first, Pari. And more importantly, let him get to know you. Let him also find out what a nice girl you are and how smart and aware you are. Let him also want to be your dost, your buddy and then we can see if you become more than just pals, right? So first tip: Dost banao – put this bf/gf on the back burner.

Tip 2:  Be cautious of your friends

Now, you in your pyar ka haze may have told a few girls, they told a few more, they told yet a few more. Baat niklegi to door talak jayegi! So now the minute you say  ‘Hi’ to that poor guy – the whole class is going to go buzzing with, ‘Ohh – inki to setting hai, they are having a scene’.

Before you know it, the whole class maybe buzzing with rumours, talks, chats and gossip about you two. You are left wondering, ‘Hi bola ki bye bye bola?’ Either ways, you are under a microscope.

So be cautious of how you reach out for friendship beta. Let it not become the cause of embarrassment and discomfort, for him or you. Try a more private way – WhatsApp? FaceBook? Something like that?

Tip 3: Keep intentions clear

Puttar, pehle dosti karo. Choose a reason to say ‘Hi.’ If you do not find a reason, worry not. There is no need for reasons sometimes – you are classmates after all, so ‘Hi’ bolene mein kya hai? Nothing wrong in putting the first fort or hand forward.

Body parts se yaad aaya. A suggestion – let’s keep it to taking a step forward and putting your hand out for friendship for the time being. Baaki body parts, we will keep for another time, when dosti aur pakki ho jaye – OK beta Pari? Usually, the line, ‘Hi I want to be your friend, lets kiss on that’ is not a signal for just friendship – is it?

Being in love is a wonderful thing Pari, but it can go either ways puttar. So make a friend first, if s/he turns out to be more than a friend, great. if not,  you got yourself a good friend at least, haina?

I can’t tell you beta to try this tori – it looks like tori, smells like tori but is aalu! Will you believe me – no you will not. Bas similarly, keep your intentions clear and work towards your aim – finding and earning love and not forcing someone to love you! All the best from your auntyji.

*Names changed

*Persons in the picture are models

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