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Pregnancy: myths busted

In this week's Sex Myth Buster edition, let’s talk about pregnancy. Is it still OK to have sex? Is exercise bad? Can you tell the gender of your baby without an ultrasound? All this and more. Read on...
  • Myth 1: You can’t have sex during pregnancy

You must have heard that having sex while you are pregnant could hurt your baby. Well, that’s simply not true. Your partner’s penis can’t get anywhere near your baby, so your baby is safe.

Your baby is well-protected in the uterus by the amniotic sac and a thick mucus layer in the cervix. So, for most couples, it is perfectly safe to have sex right until the very end. The only reason not to do it when you’re about to give birth is if your waters have actually broken, so there’s a risk of infection.

An orgasm can give you Braxton Hicks contractions – your womb contracts, so your stomach goes hard. But this is perfectly natural through pregnancy, and does no harm.

If you’ve experienced heavy bleeding or have faced other concerns in your pregnancy and are worried that sex can cause harm, of course don’t hesitate to consult your doctor before you go ahead.

  • Myth 2: You need to eat for two

People around you might advise you to have larger or double portions of meals when you’re pregnant. The common thought behind it is that you need to feed two people ¬– you as well as your baby.

However, this isn’t required. Researchers have found out that when you’re pregnant, you only need around 300 extra calories per day on an average. That’s not much – just about half a sandwich (depending on what’s in it). So just plan a nutritious diet. And if you get those cravings, opt for a healthy snack!

  • Myth 3: Physical exercise can harm the baby

Quite the contrary, actually. A workout helps the baby growing inside you stay fit. Research has also shown that women who stay physically active during their pregnancy give birth to healthier babies.


It’s the same story as for sex – the baby is very well protected inside your womb. But before you start out on an exercise regimen, consult your gynaecologist and make sure there are no special risks involved for you personally. And here are some more health tips that will help you.

  • Myth 4: You can tell your baby’s sex from the shape of your womb

Nope, you can’t tell if you’re going to have a boy or girl from outside your womb. Some people believe that if you’re carrying high, you’re more likely to have a boy. Or if you don’t have much morning sickness, again, the chances are that you’ll have a baby boy. But none of that is true. An ultrasound, on the other hand, can tell the sex of your baby, as long as it’s in the right position to see.

  • Myth 5: You go crazy when you’re pregnant

It is true that your hormones change when you’re pregnant. So it’s certain that you’ll experience some mood swings. But that won’t drive you or your partner completely crazy! You will still remain yourself.

Pregnancy affects everyone differently. Some women feel tired all the time, others actually feel bursting with energy the whole way through, while others still feel a bit absent minded. And towards the end you tend to feel like closing yourself off from the outside world, and making your home into a cosy ‘nest’. But that doesn’t make you a different person.

The important part is to acknowledge that you’re going through one of the most challenging phases of life and embrace it openly.

Finally, if you’re looking forward to getting pregnant, the very best of luck to you, and if you’re pregnant already, congratulations, enjoy this special time!


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