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Aligarh: A film about India’s attitude towards homosexuality

Director Hansal Mehta made the film Aligarh to portray taboos around homosexuality in India. Kiran Rai reviews the film for Love Matters India.

Uneven breasts: what to do?

A friend of mine told me last week that she felt embarrassed by her uneven breasts. “My left breast is bigger than my right. My boyfriend commented on it recently, I’ve been freaking out ever since,” she said. 

Morning-after pill panic

Last week a friend of mine called me all panicky, “Last night was damn stressful yaar. What should I tell you – I didn’t sleep only. He came inside me and we weren’t using any protection.” Oh my bhagwan! What did she do then?

Faking orgasms: how can she tell him?

“Let me confess,” this friend told me recently, “I’ve been faking orgasms with this guy. Am I doing something horribly wrong? Help me!”

Masturbation: guys v. girls

A friend of mine said yesterday that men are “bigger masturbators” than women. “A man holds the world record for masturbation – nine hours and something,” he said. “Men are just hornier than women, so more keen on masturbating,” he added.

28, male, virgin: tough life

Last week I was told that it sucks to be a man, a virgin and 28 – all at once. “It’s like being pregnant for many years,” my friend told me. I sympathise with all those in the category. I’m happy not to be in their… pants.

Bhutan: where sex is OK

As part of some journalistic assignments, I have been working in Bhutan for the past three weeks. It’s a neighbour to India, but there’s a huge difference in the way people view sex – it’s OK to have it and talk about it too!

Asexuality does exist

Asexuality: “lack of sexual attraction to others or lack of interest in sex,” according to Wikipedia. Until recently I didn’t believe that a human being could live without sex. But a friend of mine convinced me that people can indeed be asexual.

No condom – nice guy?

A friend of mine hooked up with a guy for the first time recently. He was nice and cute and all that, but he refused to wear a condom. “All the foreplay was done and I said, ‘Come on, why don’t you wear a condom?’ And he refused to saying her does not know how to wear condoms,” my friend said.

Virginity: does it matter?

A friend of mine said recently that he didn’t care if his future wife was a virgin or not. That's progressive, given how obsessed Indians are with virginity. “I am not a virgin. How can I expect my partner to be one? That’s unfair,” he said to me.

Feminist porn: emotions as well as orgasms

We ask award-winning erotic film director Jennifer Lyon Bell if pornography has a female-friendly future?