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No condom – nice guy?

A friend of mine hooked up with a guy for the first time recently. He was nice and cute and all that, but he refused to wear a condom. “All the foreplay was done and I said, ‘Come on, why don’t you wear a condom?’ And he refused to saying her does not know how to wear condoms,” my friend said.

Smooth talker

So this friend of mine was hanging out at a bar in town. It was a Friday night. She saw this guy at the bar, found him attractive, made eye contact. And soon they were dancing together, saying sweet things to each other, making great conversation.

“He was a very nice guy. Seemed friendly and funny. He was a smooth talker. So when the bar shut, he asked if I would like to have a drink at his place and I said, ‘Of course.’” So they went home and soon they were in bed.

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“He was great at foreplay. Took his time with everything. Made me comfortable – kept saying funny things in my ear. Very affectionate and all that. So I was eager to know how the sex would be,” my friend said. So she asked him if he would wear a condom and he just refused to listen to her.

“It was like he didn’t hear me. I said again, ‘Hey, do you want to wear a condom?’ He made sweet talk and was inside me. I didn’t know what to do. I said, ‘Why don’t you stop for a bit and take a break?’ But he wouldn’t listen. So I had to force him out of me. Kind of pushed him away,” my friend told me.


That’s a bit dramatic. How did he react? “I don’t think he got my point. He kept saying, I won’t come inside you. But I was goddamn nervous. It was the first time we were together and I didn’t know the guy more than three hours,” she said.

My friend then told him she wasn’t feeling right about it. Got out of bed, got into the shower and later dressed up to leave. “It was SO awkward! I told him that I had to go home. I could find my way if he wouldn’t drop me. But I made it sound really serious. He was confused but he offered to drop me. When I reached home I was still very nervous,” she told me.

Emergency pills

She spent a sleepless night wondering if she’d caught some infection or if he’d come inside her without knowing. “I rushed to the medical store the next morning and popped in those emergency contraceptive pills. Felt horrible doing it. Fought the nausea for next 72 hours and heaved a sigh of relief once it was done,” she said.

I sympathised with my friend. She said, she ran some regular check-ups at the clinic and found nothing wrong with her sexual health. It went fine for her in the end, but I couldn’t help but wonder how many of us aren’t that fortunate.

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