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Our steamy hot sex got ruined this way!

Last week a friend of mine called me all panicky, “Last night was damn stressful yaar. What should I tell you – I didn’t sleep only. He came inside me and we weren’t using any protection.” Oh my bhagwan! What did she do then?

Romantic movie night

It all started with a Friday movie night that my friend planned with her boyfriend. “We wanted to watch the new Tarantino film. I borrowed the DVD and invited him to come over. After dinner, we got cosy under the blanket, popped some corn and watched the film,” she said to me over the phone.

The film turned out to be longer than they’d thought. “Arey yaar, it wasn’t ending only. Of course, we got distracted and began touching each other and doing naughty things... It ended up in steamy sex!” she explained.

Lost control

The steamy sex didn’t have a steamy ending, though. “I let him penetrate without a condom. I thought he would pull out on time. So while he was inside me, of course, I wasn’t thinking of getting a condom. I was just enjoying the moment,” my friend said.

That seemed completely irresponsible to me, but I conceded that things like that do happen. After all, sex is full of passion and less about being rational, hai na?

“But he lost control, dude. That’s when hell broke loose,” she shouted over the phone. Damn, I thought.

Ruined all the fun

What followed wasn’t a nice post-sex cuddling scene, but a full-blown drama. “I was angry at him for having lost control. How could he have done that to me? I felt betrayed. On the other hand, he was defending himself and blaming me for not having brought out the condom on time,” my friend explained to me.

The romantic night had turned out to be stressful. “All the majja was ruined yaar. What to say? Spoiled all the fun,” she said, dejected.

Rush for the morning-after pill

The couple spent a sleepless night being upset at what happened. “I asked him to leave the bed and sleep on the couch. I didn’t want to see him. I know I was being childish, but there was no way I could reconcile at that point,” my friend told me.

The next morning, as the clock struck seven, my friend jumped out of bed and rushed to the nearest medical store. “I waited for them to open the shutter and asked for the morning-after pill. I came home, took the pill and heaved a sigh of relief,” she said.

Once she was relieved of her stress, she made up to her boyfriend and the both of them promised each other never to be so careless again. That sounds mature, but just to be extra sure, I asked my friend to promise me that she wouldn’t break that promise! ;-)

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