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Audio porn - everything you need to know

No hiding under blankets, juggling windows on your screen or sitting behind locked doors for the fear of being caught consuming porn. Love Matters brings you top facts on this new kind of porn. Get your headsets and tune in now.

What is audio porn

The sounds we make during sexual acts carry much of the meaning of the act – whether it’s enjoyable, painful, going uphill or downhill. Audio Porn is audio of persons during sexual acts with other persons or with themselves and also the vivid commentary-like narration to such videos involving people engaged in sexual acts with themselves or others.

These sounds could be of moaning, squealing, hushed dirty talk, vaginal farts, rubbing, spanking, and yes! yes! – just about any sound that people make when in the mood for some love. In its commentary-version, audio porn has detailing about what the persons are wearing (or not), the place they are in, the lighting, the mood, their expressions, positions, and their actions; just like the detailing in sports commentary.

What makes it special

When someone says the word ‘porn’, the usual mental image that follows for most sighted persons is sexually explicit videos being watched behind locked doors. That’s because a vast volume of porn being produced is in the visual medium – as photographs and videos. The aspect that makes audio porn exciting is the absence of visual – so that the listener builds their own mental image to what’s happening, based on the sounds being heard. You’re the creator of your own film, in your mind’s eye.

Imagine audio porn like this: it’s like dialling into a phone-line of two people having phone-sex aka dirty talk over the phone, or listening to some, er, playful neighbours who can’t keep their volume down during the act. You can’t know exactly what’s happening and that adds to the thrill when you let your imagination run wild.

Who is it for – anyone who can hear

It’s for anyone and not just visually disabled persons.

Whoever has an ear, appetite (and imagination) for it, really. Audio porn is for anyone who can hear with ears or hearing aids. Audio porn is also supposed to have a wider reach to people in visual disabilities since it does not rely on the medium of watching.

So, we can say it’s a slightly more accessible version of porn as against visual porn in the form of text, images, and videos. For many sighted people, ‘audio porn gives a different kind of high, right through the headphones’.

Growing demand and supply

The excitement that audio porn can generate has found businesses cashing on it. Popular porn-website, Pornhub, recently started a ‘described video’ category – that has commentary-like descriptions of its videos. Even though it is specifically marketing it towards visually disabled persons, the takers are sighted people as well. Social website Tumblr, with its massively popular Audio Porn blog with millions of hits on the audio posts, is proof that all hearing-abled people are creating and engaging with audio porn at a promising rate.

Secret behind popularity

Besides the aspect of wider accessibility of audio porn to visually disabled persons, audio porn is also convenient to consume. It can be quite discreet (only if you don’t forget to plug in your earphones, though) in comparison to the conventional, visually explicit porn, that you could even consume audio porn in your family living room without getting caught. It’s also not-NSFW (not safe for work).

In its non-commentary version -- where there are only sounds of people making love to each other or to themselves – it even moves over barriers of language. There’s no language of lovemaking, is there? Just some, er, moans and sighs.

But, if you’re one to find, there’s plenty of ‘dirty Hindi audio’ too. The web is far and wide. So, tune in to what turns you on.

This article was first published on 2018-12-03. 

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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