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Pubic hair: Yay or nay?

Our Bodies
Should you keep your pubic hair or trim them? Love Matters brings you all the knowledge to help you decide.

Dental dams - your partner in oral sex

Making Love
Want to try oral sex on your partner but worried about hygiene or the funny tastes down there? Worry not, dental dams are here to help.

When I bought my first condom

Making Love
‘The staff had probably never had a woman ask for one’, Akriti tells Love Matters of her first time buying condoms at a store. The real problem though was explaining them about lubricants, she chuckles!

Top facts: female condoms

Birth Control
Why should boys have all the fun or all the control! A new kind of birth control option is now available to women. Love Matters brings you the top facts on female condoms.

Audio porn - everything you need to know

Sexual Diversity
No hiding under blankets, juggling windows on your screen or sitting behind locked doors for the fear of being caught consuming porn. Love Matters brings you top facts on this new kind of porn. Get your headsets and tune in now.

How to make up after a fight

Love and relationships
If there’s something inevitable with couples, it’s the arguments and fights. But they don’t have to pile on and become deadweight for your relationship. Here are a few tips on how to ‘kiss (or not) and make-up’.

Feeling sad after good sex? You are not alone!

Making Love
So you just had fantastic and very satisfying sex with your partner moments ago and now you are feeling sad, low and depressed. This could be post-coital dysphoria (PCD), commonly known as post-sex blues. Love Matters brings you some facts on this rather common condition.

Clitoris: All the facts on the ‘love button’

Our Bodies
Love Matters gets you all the gyaan on the female organ, whose job is to sit back, relax and generate orgasms. Now, is that good life or what!

Clitoris….wait, where is it anyway?

Our Bodies
Do you know where or what a clitoris is? Love Matters asked ten young women and here’s what we found. It’s is quite a secret even in these times, we must say!

‘We will make you smooth as butter’

Our Bodies
The shaadi season is here! And we can bet the lovely brides-to-be have only one thing on their mind – the parlour wali Aunty, who is promising a makeover that will get the dear husband-to-be weak in his knees. But is it all worth the kharcha? Hina tells us her tale.

A plea on abortion, dear doctor

Birth Control
To mark the Global Day for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion (28 September), Love Matters India bring to you some conversations around abortion between women and caregivers, which if altered, could really make a huge difference to women seeking safer abortion.

How to write (and not write) about abortion

Birth Control
To mark the Global Day for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion (28 September), Love Matters brings to you a handy guide to words and phrases that should be avoided when reporting about abortion, along with alternatives for these words.