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'We kissed in a car and then the police chased us!'

Love and relationships
When Bani decided to meet Aryan for the first time, they decided to steal a kiss in the car. Little did they know that this most thrilling moment in their life would end up in a police chase! What happened next left Bani shivering. They shared their story with Love Matters India.

Going for an abortion? Read this first

Feeling scared and wondering what to expect when you terminate your pregnancy or have an abortion? Love Matters spoke to gynaecologists to tell you all the essentials before you or a loved one decide to go for a medical abortion.

Abortion is not a substitute for contraception

Our Bodies
Love Matters India brings the best advice from gynaecologists for women seeking an abortion.

Missed periods: Here are the top causes

Our Bodies
Missed your period this month? Worried what could be the cause? Relax! There could be many reasons other than pregnancy. Let’s find out.

Domestic violence: The way out

Love and relationships
Domestic violence is a legally punishable offense in India.Yet one in three women between the ages of 15 face violence at home. It also rose sharply during the COVID-19 lockdowns. This violence can be physical, sexual, emotional or even financial. If you are suffering from it, what can you do to break the cycle? We bring to you some practical advice and tips.

WhatsApp news - check before you forward!

Love and relationships
It’s important to filter health advice and information, what is true and what is fake, especially for serious health issues and in times of public health emergencies when panic is widespread and we desperately need some positive news or certainty. Love Matters brings a few tips and tricks on handling health news.

Same-sex marriage in India: Top facts

When we hear the word marriage, we immediately picture a bride and a groom. But what about a bride and a bride or a groom and a groom? Unfortunately, the Indian legal system does not yet recognise same-sex marriages, making them a distant dream for homosexual couples in the country.

What are female condoms?

Birth Control
Why should boys have all the fun or all the control! A new kind of birth control option is now available to women. Are they the best condoms? Love Matters brings you the top facts on female condoms.

My colleague touched my breasts

Sexual Harassment
Mahira is very stressed. Her colleague has tried to touch her breasts, sometimes brushing past her purposely. She really enjoys her work but can’t focus on anything right now. What can Mahira do in this situation?

Living a healthy life with HIV/AIDS

Safe Sex
There is no cure for HIV yet, but an HIV positive person can live a longer and healthier life with timely antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender: What do these terms mean?

Sexual Diversity
Ek tha raja, ek thi rani. We have all grown up on stories where there was a man and a woman and they fell in love. But what about people who don’t feel like a man or a woman? What about men who fall in love with men or women who fall in love with women? Don't forget to check out the video at the end of the article.

Kegel exercises: Your key to amazing orgasms and more!

Our Bodies
You can do them lying on your bed, they help you get amazing orgasms, they help in easier child-birth and they help reduce urinary incontinence. Need we give you more reasons for this magic exercise for your vagina? Get started now!