Will I be able to conceive after an abortion?
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Will I be able to conceive after an abortion?

By Auntyji Friday, September 18, 2020 - 10:45
Hi Auntyji.. I just found out that I am pregnant and need to go for an abortion as I am not ready for the responsibility of a child. I fear I may not be able to conceive in the future. Is that true? I hope not. Madhu, 22 years, XXXX

Auntyji says..Oh ho betaji, is there ever any end to doubts and fears? Not ever it seems! Just listen toh sahi

No long-term damage

Beta, if the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is done by experts i.e by a professional or a registered doctor,  there ought to be no threat to conception in the future. Women do have abortions even whilst they are married and they continue to have kids later, don’t they? Then why this unreasonable fear of accessing an abortion as if it will empty out your uterus forever? It is absolutely not true and like any fear and panic – unfounded. Ok betaji?

Mixed emotions

Unfortunately, getting an abortion has so many mixed feelings and so many untrue jaankaris that anyone can get confused and worried. The guilt of abortion is mixed with the fear of getting pregnant and most crucial regret -- ‘Haye! why did I have sex at all.’  Sure, no doubt, nisandeh, that you could have been more cautious or used a condom. But hey, if it did happen, at least you are responsible enough to ensure you are well taken care of and postpone your pregnancy till you are really ready, haina? And you learned a big life lesson -- bolo haan ki na?

Ditch the shame, be firm

Beta when we end up getting pregnant unexpectedly, we hear the common words, ‘haye – yeh hua kasie? hain jee? Puttar, ek baat samajh, unsafe sex often leads to possible pregnancy, tube light? So why you even asking, ladki? We may warn and caution you but when the time for sex comes, you just forget everything and immediately accede to the ‘please no condoms darling’ request in half a minute. Pyaar deewaana hota hai na betaji. And pregnant bhi! Use safety dear, use a condom, just before any kind of penetration – don’t take a chance at all.

Two’s company

Take the boyfriend with you – for sure. Let him also go through a fraction of the discomfort you are in and let him take full responsibility of the situation too. It’s not just ‘your problem’, you know. For all you know, he may become Mr. India suddenly – ojhal. Invisible. Hopefully also from your life! Also, do not even think of going to any unauthorised persons to get the abortion done. That means no chemist bhaiya, no homely or gharelu illaj will work. Please go to a registered practitioner as he/she will guide you the best. The doctor may give you some gyaan too but just tolerate it. It will help you in future. But make sure to get professional help from an established doctor or clinic. Yaad kar lo betaji!

Safe is sexy

Beta, no fear in accessing thorough professional, medical help from a good doctor – there is no shame in treating yourself. Please don’t get talked into by anyone – not even the lover boy. Get well and stay well and that is what will ensure that you can get pregnant in the future. Don’t risk your body at all. Use safety and protection beta. Do you know, Madhu, safe is the new sexy!! That’s what your Auntyji says!!

Love Matters India and Auntyji support women's right for abortion that is safe, legal and easily accessible. This article was first published on Sep 28, 2017. 

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