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‘What if I had listened to him?’

Sneha, an intelligent girl from a small village in Bihar had high hopes of studying and becoming something in life. However, one small mistake changed her entire track in life. What was the decision that still haunts her?

Doctor said he was doing a favour

Komal was 15 when she got pregnant from a guy who cheated on her. When her mother took her to a doctor for an abortion, he charged an exorbitant amount of money saying he was doing them a favour by performing the ‘illegal act’ of abortion for an underage, unmarried girl.

A rape in the family

Ritu had been raped by a family member and needed an abortion. But Rani, an ANM in Bihar, could not have imagined that the story could be worse. She shares Ritu’s heartbreaking story with Love Matters India.

‘She is too young to be pregnant’

Naina, a 12-year-old girl from a small village in Bihar was being treated for acidity and gas for a couple of months when the issue was completely different. None of the doctors in the village could think that she could have been pregnant at such a young age. Rani, the local ANM, shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘But this is illegal’

The revised abortion law of India allows women in India to get an abortion without marriage, but is this law known to everyone in our country? Especially those who are working in this field - like Asha didi, Anganwadi workers and other people who are in a government hospital? Even today, when an unmarried girl comes to get an abortion in rural India, she is told that it is illegal. When 18-year-old Sonam from a small village in Bihar recently went there for an abortion, the same thing happened to her. Let's read this story.

‘Do you want the whole village to know?’

A minor girl is legally allowed to undergo an abortion with her parent/guardian’s written consent but not many people working in the health sector, especially in rural areas, are aware of the rule. Sarita, a 14-year-old from Bihar, was denied an abortion at a government facility because Asha didi thought she did not want to get into something ‘immoral and illegal’.

Unmarried woman can also get abortion now

Abortion has been legal in India since 1971. But it comes with a set of conditions. The law is about to be revised and eases the conditions on abortion but a few challenges remain. Let’s take you through the key changes to the law.

Going for an abortion? Read this first

Feeling scared and wondering what to expect when you terminate your pregnancy or have an abortion? Love Matters spoke to gynaecologists to tell you all the essentials before you or a loved one decide to go for a medical abortion.

‘Doctors don’t handle unmarried women well’

If you had to go for an abortion tomorrow, what would be the few things that would come to your mind? Love Matters India asked this question to young people from across India. Here's what they said...

Abortion: top five facts

Abortion - much has been said about whether or not women should have the right to decide to abort a foetus. A lot will depend on your religious or personal beliefs and its legality in your country. Read more on abortions in our top five facts.

Does Indian law allow abortion?

Yes, abortion is absolutely legal in India (under certain conditions) and did you know that women don’t need their husband/parent’s permission to have one? To mark the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion, we bust five prevalent myths about abortion in India.

Abortion: myths busted

Abortion is a topic people feel very strongly about, either in favour of or against it. And with all the myths there are, it's good to know which ones are wrong before making up your mind about abortions.