Pubic hair yes or no
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Pubic hair: Yay or nay?

Should you keep your pubic hair or trim them? Love Matters brings you all the knowledge to help you decide.

Pubic hair is dirty - only if you keep them so

Pubic hair is not dirty by itself. But, if we neglect hygiene of washing and drying down there, it can really become a breeding ground for bacteria, much like any other part of the body. It doesn’t help that this body-region mostly remains clothed and low on ventilation. So, any carelessness with cleanliness here can easily escalate to itches and infections.

It makes sex less fun - who says

Liking for pubic hair is as subjective as the amount of salt you like in your food: it varies from person to person. So, our preferences impact how pleasurable or unpleasant it feels to us during sex. Of course, our likings are influenced by what we hear and see around us.

What pubic hair does, indeed, is work as a cushion to the bodily friction produced during sex and intercourse. If you like greater friction, then being hairless might be your thing. But if the friction is too much for you to bear, then the natural cushion of pubic hair could be your thing.

Handle with care

The pubic area is, indeed, a sensitive zone and needs to be tended to with care. So, we might want to be careful and patient down there. If hairless pubes are your choice, then you may find a method that suits your skin best – shaving, waxing, hair removal creams with varying intensities of mildness, specialised pubic-hair trimmers, and close-clipping with nail scissors (that are smaller than regular scissors and have variants with blunted ends).

STIs calling - only when hygiene is missed

While most STIs and STDs are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, there is no scientific evidence to say that pubic hair prevents transmission of infections. If you do not keep your hygiene down there, there’s going to be plenty of bacteria and viruses to grow there, and that will get passed around to your sexual partner. And well, in that situation, it is certain to cause sexually transmitted diseases than prevent them. So, the important point is to keep the pubes absolutely clean, long or short is your personal choice, just like the hair on your head.   

A commitment for life?

Just like the hair on your other body parts show a decline in the growth as you age, the same is true for pubic hair too. In fact, pubic hair thins out as we grow older. Also, the colour of the pubic hair does not necessarily match the colour of the hair on your head.

*Persons in the picture are models. 

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