Naked without my bra
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Naked without my bra

By Roli Mahajan Friday, December 28, 2012 - 01:53
India is a country where temples house busty topless goddesses, yet a girl can create havoc in an ordinary market place by wearing a short skirt. Or feel naked without a bra. What can wearing clothes – or leaving them off – mean to different people?

Centre of attention
It was one of the most strangest walks of my life. I was conscious of myself in a way that I had never been and felt naked despite the fact that I was respectably covered. I felt mentally exposed.

I’m not sure who was looking at me or not but I felt as if I was the centre of attention. I tried to take the shortest and the least crowded lanes but the feeling wouldn’t leave me.

Personal choices
I even thought about going home and coming back feeling less incomplete – after all my roommate was nowhere in sight. But a challenge had been issued and I couldn’t back down. After all, what was holding me back?

It’s my body and I decide what I wear or do with it. Since when had I started adhering so much to a society that’s scared about personal choices like these? I was told when I was 15 that it’s proper for girls to wear bras and since then I had stuck to the rule.

On a high
The heretic in me urged me on. And then despite the self-conscious feeling, I had a constant smile on my face like a person who’s just made love. With hindsight I think I was on a high.

It felt good to be liberated. Social constructs are for our protection but they shouldn’t become fetters, so life without them becomes unthinkable or abnormal.

Come to think about it then, a man might or might not wear the equivalent of a bra and no one of either sex will raise an eyebrow. But if a woman doesn’t wear a bra – or opts for a G-string – why does it make the world behave as if the sun has risen from the west?

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Sat, 12/29/2012 - 15:10
I know what you look like, don't worry, with your looks, you wouldn't get second glance. Feel free to roam around bra-less. Fyi, I see a lot of women bra-less in the lower class community; specially older women with massive 'breasticles'. Even they look far more attractive than you. cheers and hopefully this positive criticism will cause a minor burn. :3 Do write about how ugly women in India are ignored, that would a nice topic for your cadre. And will be more authentic. Devil's Own~
Hey Devil's own...the author got married to your long lasting love ch ch ch..I feel so sorry for you...ohh god now what will you do?? I suggest you join GB Road or Sona Gachi which apparently is next to the house of your long lasting love because no guy will ever like you... u c u might be fair but u too fatty and plumpy for liking ..and yes I came to know who the fuck you are by analyzing your writing style and even though this post has been up for years now I am sure loosers like you will return to check out this post in future... Don't get well soon...u r doomed buddy...
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