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My vagina is so dark - is that a problem?

By Auntyji Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 19:24
Auntyji, I am insecure about the skin colour of my vagina. It is a bit too dark and I think my boyfriend will not like it. Is there something I can do to improve it? Rashmi (23), Allahabad

Auntyji says Oye Rashmi, who is planting these ideas in your head? Beta, do you know who is making you feel this way? 

Fair and square 

Sabse pehlaan betayou are very  pretty and lovely and every part of you is equally pretty and lovely. It does not have to be fair and lovely, samjhe puttar? So here is your first job of the day and that is to love everything about yourself, to accept everything about yourself, the good, the bad and the really not so uglysamjhee? You are just fine as you are. Now time for some facts, roughly told. 

Manufactures’ note 

Rashmi, ethnically we have darker pigmentation. Basically the dye in our skin is darker than other ethnicities and some ethnicities are darker than us. Your skin colour may be very fair and light but the dye is dark and it will emerge somewhere or the other.  

Some of this is due to increased pigmentation, which is more obvious around the genitals, nipples, lips, underarms, elbows and thighs. Some of it can be the result of increased blood flow to the blood vessels in that area.  

There is not much you can do about it, my dear, it is in our manufacturing. For most of us, the skin colour around our genital area is darker than the rest of the body. For example if white looks pinkhai toh woh dark hee na?  

Not really a partner-pact 

Ab yeh baat ki where do  girls get these ideas from? What makes you feel so bad about your own skin colour? What makes you feel that if you have a fair vagina, you will have a better relationship? Or a better sex life? Do you think life in general will look much better? 

Let me tell you dear, none of the above is true! All these ideas of beauty and sexiness are gimmicks. They are filled into your head to make you buy products and conform to standards set by erotic appeal. They are nothing but silly comparisons with what is generally considered sexy and hotYou are made to feel bad about yourself, you lose self confidence and bas, there goes your negotiation and your power. Very chaluno 

Unfair demands 

I have a question for all these boyfriends and lovers. Bhai yeh bata can an orange give tomato juice? Can a cola be an orange? Nahin na? So please manage your expectations, kindly! And more than that, you gentlemen should not be making demands based on what you see in porn films. Imagine what will happen if women begin to do the same?  
You know, there can be pressing demands for say bigger sizes, longer durations and fairer tools of the trade – also known as penis. Ready to match up to the “Aao saamnetera bhi size hai dus mahiyaa?” You know which size we are talking about here? Phir na kehna, it’s a totally najiayzz demand. 

Package deal 

Ladies, last advice, don’t get talked into anything. Do you know what kind of crazy demands and deals people can come up withMy vagina smells, so lets get a vaginal deodorant! My vagina is too loose, so let me get vaginal rejuvenation! My vagina tastes bad, so lets get vaginal mints! Are we ever going to stop this kind of pressure on ourselves? Love me, love my 'cat'!

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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