My husband couldn't find my vagina!
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My husband couldn't find my vagina!

By Roli Mahajan Monday, December 29, 2014 - 11:27
“A guy and a girl got married. On the wedding night, when they thought they were all prepared to have sex, they couldn't find the vagina! I was that girl – and my husband used a torch to figure out my anatomy,” says Rini.

Rini (name changed) is a 27-year-old-engineer in Mumbai.

It was our wedding night at last! We had condoms. We thought we were all set. We were going to stay at his parents' place. We wanted to have sex and knew that we had everyone's consent. I mean it was our suhaag raat. But we didn't want our private affair to become everyone's business, so we switched off the light.

We had been together for two years and were normal people with normal desires. We had enjoyed feeling each other but had never taken the plunge. In simple words, we had never tried anything with my undies off.

Like never before

But that night, it seemed as if we had never been together. I was shy and he was a little clumsy. Both of us were super nervous. I had studied biology and I had read hundreds of Mills & Boons novels but at that point I seemed to be prepared for nothing.


We had begun kissing and taking each other’s clothes off while feeling each other. But we were just too conscious. There were awkward silences and a quiet giggles. We didn’t want to make a sound as that would have embarrassed both of us, but even our kissing seemed to be loud.


By the time, we had just our undies on, my courage left me. I wanted to have sex but I was scared. It was then that he stopped. We just lay beside each other and he said he would do nothing I didn’t want. Somehow that calmed me and I initiated the next round of kissing and told him that I was sure.


That helped relieve some of our consciousness and we were able to slowly excite each other again. I wanted us to make love and have him inside me. The desire was there. Suddenly things started moving fast. I was helping him wear the condom and then, just when we thought “the moment” had come – he couldn’t find where my vagina was! Was I too uptight which is why he couldn’t locate my vagina or was it because none of us had any experience in this department? I don’t know!

Shining some light

He actually came across like a kid who thought sex was his favourite subject only to find out that he knew nothing about it. I am sure both of us were beetroot red with embarrassment. I mean, we know it's there somewhere, but the exact location was a problem even for his fingers, let alone his penis.

He actually picked his mobile and switched on the torch, shining the light on my waxed genitals. It was funny and weird at the same time. Our entire mood went poof. We went from being sexually aroused to feeling ridiculous, so much so that we ended up giggling our way to sleep in each other’s arms.

That night was special for us, in very different ways from what people want their wedding nights to be. We did make love later and that too without a torch. It was a more relaxed environment during our honeymoon, after equipping ourselves with some internet knowledge.

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