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Is it OK to have sex during her periods?

By Auntyji Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 10:38
My girlfriend doesn't want to have sex during her periods, but I really want to. Is there something wrong with sex during menstruation? Sanjay (24), Noida.

Auntyji says…Oh ho this is a matter, maamla ho gaya. OK, let’s talk, not let’s stalk. Oye hoye mera toh humour hee bada jabardast ho gaya hai puttar....

What does science say?

So firstly, all you want is sex, right? Are you saying that you want sex irrespective of the days of the menstrual cycle? Or are you saying that the periods don’t bother you? Or are you saying that her feelings are not your concern as long as sex is on the cards. What are you saying exactly?

Toh sunn beta, of course you really want to have sex with her. It is not a very new idea! Betaji, sex during periods is a matter to be discussed along with issues of national importance. Abhi keep your fingers crossed ki kahin ban hee na lag jaaye!

Let’s get the science out of the way. Does it impact your health in any way? For either of you, the response is no. Having sex during periods may well not have any physical fallout but many, and I say many, girls are totally mixed up about this and for a good reason.

Pressure or pleasure

For one, the process is not very spick and span. It is somewhat messy. Girls have a lot to manage like what clothes to wear, how to avoid stains, choose the right chaddis and much more of that.

Then there is some varying degree of pain or discomfort along with washing, drying and changing. We are talking about the pads and sanitary napkins here boys, not the laundry or washing machine activity.

So you see, sex is the last item on their minds, a bowl of soup may be more orgasmic! Not to mention the widely and wildly proclaimed mood swings that ladies are supposed to be experiencing in ‘that time of the month’. Your demands, requests and pleas may well be at the receiving end of the mood swings. You can hear her screaming, “My poor vagina is weeping tears of blood and all you can think of is hurting it further. You insensitive brute!”

Sex is the last item on their minds, a bowl of soup may be more orgasmic!

Oye lucky days, oye…

On the other hand, her body might be doing its own hormonal dance. The desire for sex may be further heightened, before or during or even just after her periods. Oye, but not all of them feel the same. I can only see you guys thinking, “Boss, aisee kuddi leni hai!”

Chup oye! If she agrees, then sex is definitely okay during her periods. If she isn’t okay, then it is quite the opposite. You have to be okay with it.

If in a month, she doesn’t want to do it for four days or five, particularly because she is not comfortable with it, well then you better get comfortable with her choice.

It’s her body; she has a right to say when she wants you in and when out, right? Betaji, we always say sex is super sexy only if it has razamandi, consent, is negotiated and is between adults.

Mind her P’s and cues

Now the final thing, do you find her super sexy, super sensual, and more womanly during her periods? And she thinks totally vipareet? Then now is the time to show her some preet!

Tell her, talk to her, not about those days but actually talk her out of them. Help her get over her own barriers, if any and take great care of her and her body.

She may be really touched with your words and you may be able to help her know herself better. You may not get sex, but even that is worth it, believe me. In the long run puttar, you will emerge as the winner, I tell you!

If the sex does happen, just remember that bleeding is a continuous process. This will need some management, an old towel or sheet under and very gentle handling. If you freak out and run out covering your privates with the first napkin yelling, ’khooooonnnnnnn,’ then get ready for some real possibility of your murder! Hahahahaha! Just kidding!

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soni gupta
Thu, 10/15/2015 - 14:48
A girl can have sex before her marriage n if she does then after marriage her husband will be able to know that the girl is already physical with some one else
Listen bête, the only way one can make out or guess is if the hymen has broken, which can be for any reason actually. No one can know anyhow about your virginity unless you yourself didn’t admit or tell them about it ok? So don’t worry. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask" .
auntyji... m ek married ldki hun or ye janna chahti hun ki sex ke liye konse din safe hote h jinme pregnancy ka dar na rhe... plz help me
Anamika beti, actually yeh poori tarah se na, ladki ki mahavari pe depend hota hai, yadi woh bilkul nirdharit hai ya nahin jiski vajah se bohot hi risk ka kaam bhi hai. Yadi aap bina kisi protection ke ya bina surakhsha ke sex ki soch rahe hai toh shayad aap un dino ki baat kar rahe hain jin mein bachcha rukna mushkil hai. Yeh ho toh sakta hai lekin yeh poori tarha se surakshit nahin mana jaata hai. Yadi aap pregnancy ke risk se bachna chahte hai to kisi aur tarike ke mukaable condom ka istemal hi easy aur safe tarika hai Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
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