Sex during periods

5 reasons why sex during periods can be a good idea

By Tanja Polak Friday, June 17, 2016 - 20:38
Sex during periods can be considered as dirty. But there are some lesser known benefits to it. Love Matters lists five reasons to have sex during her periods.



  1. Menstruation might actually help intercourse Some women get more aroused during their periods and might actually want more sex. Studies have shown that women get more aroused when they are fertile, during their ovulation, which is the period leading up to their menstruation. Also, because of higher levels of progesterone during her period the pelvic area and genitals gets more swollen, which may aid arousal. This means her menstrual blood might provide for a natural lubricant. If you normally use store bought lubricants, you might be able to go without them this week.
  2. Having intercourse might help ease menstrual cramps Sex might actually help alleviate menstrual cramps. While having an orgasm, a woman’s muscle contract and expand. This may relieve her cramping. Also when a woman is experiencing pleasure during sex, she might forget about menstrual pain for a little while. Pleasure chemicals called endorphins released during her orgasm might just help her ignore the pain and only feel pleasure. Endorphins can help with cramps, headaches, mild depression and irritability.
  3. It doesn’t have to be a ‘mess’ One of the main reasons why people don’t want to have sex during periods is because it could get messy or dirty. A study actually found that in the heat of the moment, you don’t find period sex disgusting at all. Menstruation is a natural process. Considering it messy or dirty is often a cultural phenomenon. If you are worried about stains, you can use a towel while having sex or do it in the shower. The woman could also wear a menstrual cup or a tampon to control the blood flow. Also remember that sex doesn’t always mean vaginal intercourse. A woman can be aroused and even reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation. But do remember that there is an increased risk of infection during a woman’s period. So always use condoms.
  4. It might boost her self-esteem and body image There are a lot of misconceptions regarding menstruation. In India, there’s a myth that a woman is “impure” or “unclean” during the days of menstruation. With a lot of negative messaging around, women also often grow to be ashamed and uncomfortable with having their periods. Having sex during her period means busting this stigma, while enjoying it yourself. Women willing to have sex during their periods have shown more confidence about their body image, sexual assertiveness, and better sexual experiences, while they take fewer risks. Their partners were shown to support them, which indicates that they had an influence on women’s attitudes towards menstrual sex. Indeed, women have stated that their partner’s opinion influences their willingness to have menstrual sex.
  5. Sex is pleasurable, and if you want to you can have sex all year round! If you have sex during her period you also won’t have to stop having sex for a week every month if you don’t want to. Some partners are actually into having sex during a woman's period. It might make you feel more intimate with each other. It’s all about both partners accepting it and simply enjoying and having fun. You never know if you and your partner like and accept period sex until you try it. This article was first published on 7th February, 2016.

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