10 couple: does size matter for sex?
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10-couple: does size matter for sex?

10-couple? One partner is shaped like a 1, the other like a 0. Carlos is thin as a rail, Cecilia's figure is... very full. Sure, they don’t fit the stereotype of a compatible couple. But the lovers say size doesn’t affect their sexual chemistry.

Cecilia: I’m 22 years old and my boyfriend is 24. We met a long time ago in high school. We’ve been together since I was 13.

Carlos: I’m 1.68 metres tall and weigh 120 pounds (about 55 kilos). Cecilia is the same height as me and weighs about 200 pounds (more than 90 kilos) and she’s stockier than I am.

Cecilia: A lot of girls are into my boyfriend because he has the typical thin male body type and he likes sports a lot. I’ve got a bigger body type, I’m overweight, but I do have a nice shape. Luckily God gave me curves.

Carlos: We’re not a 10-shaped couple, we’re an 18 because she’s round above and below and is more like an 8 because of her curves.

Cecilia: The sexiest part of my boyfriend? His behind, I love his ass! My sexiest part: my breasts.

Carlos: My eyes are my sexiest part. I think my eyes are the most beautiful part I’ve got. The sexiest part of my girlfriend is her behind.

10 in bed!

Carlos: I fully enjoy our sex life. I enjoy everything, we’re animals in bed! Her being plump doesn’t get in the way of anything. The man does things for the woman and the woman for the man.

Cecilia: What matters is the chemistry between two people. I really enjoy our sex life. It doesn’t matter that he’s thin and I’m plump. The advantage is that we have a lot of chemistry and good communication, and we get on amazingly. Communication with your partner is key.

Carlos: The ideal position in bed? I like… wow, I like doggy style. She loves being on top and I think it’s the best position.

Cecilia: I like different positions and we have sex in many different ways. I enjoy doggy style, or having sex when I’m on top of him. I think it fascinates him when I’m on top. That and also squatting.

Carlos: We’ve experimented with a lot of different positions for our age. We’ve also tried out different places, like in the park, on the beach, different spots like those.

Cecilia: Do looks matter in a relationship? People always say that they’re not very important, but I think that what you don’t see with your eyes, you don’t see at all. It depends on the person. The truth is I don’t pay much attention to looks. I do like to see the person’s personality, how he gets on with my friends, with my family.

Carlos: Looks don’t matter to me. What matters more are the feelings that she has for me and that I have for her. You can be with a model, but if the sex isn’t good, or if it doesn’t work, or there’s no communication, even if she’s beautiful and everything, there’s no chemistry.

Cecilia: My conclusion? Looks aren’t that important.

Carlos: Above all, whether they’re fat, thin, short, etc., what a couple needs to have is good communication, because aside from being your girlfriend or your wife, your partner first needs to be your friend, your companion, your confidant, and your everything. If that’s not the way it is, nothing will work.

Cecilia and Carlos’ names have been changed.

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