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My ex taught me to believe in myself

By Poulomi Das Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 19:26
Every relationship leaves bitter-sweet memories. Shreya learned something valuable from her past relationship – how to believe in herself.

Shreya Rai (name changed) is a 23-year-old journalist from Noida.

“How can our past relationships teach us something positive?” someone asked me. My last relationship taught me the most important thing I needed to know about myself.

Little things that matter

It started out on a random note. There was no romantic proposal or a clichéd Bollywood song. The first time we were in the same room, I didn’t even notice him. But, he did. And over the next couple of years, he continued paying attention to me.

The second time we met, I noticed the way lines appeared on his forehead. Three parallel lines lined his forehead when he pondered over something. I noticed how his eyes gleamed when he smiled. I noticed how he would never wear his bag on both his shoulders. For some reason that bothered the hell out of me.

A ‘normal’ love story

Our conversations were utterly insignificant yet horribly good at the same time. Not long after, he asked me out. At first, I pretended to ignore his interest in me, even deny it. I went as far as suggesting him to rethink. But, he wouldn’t hear any of it.

And just like that, we were together. Just like every other story you’ll hear, we met almost every day, held hands without fail. We texted each other insatiably. He was the first to know about every little detail in my life and the last to get irritated at me whenever I screwed up.

My own cheerleader

He was my cheerleader – my one. He just wanted me to have faith and trust myself. Isn’t it sad how we believe wholeheartedly in what other people could achieve and yet not discover our own genius?

We moved to different cities two years later. Our relationship started losing its flare and we eventually broke-up. Now, with every passing day, I’m trying to be my own cheerleader. I’m trying to believe in myself. Trying to not give up on the faith he made me have in myself. And, suddenly I have the answer to that question we started out with – What good can your past relationship bring to you? Belief is what my last relationship taught me.

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