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Sex during my period – do I need contraception?

By Auntyji Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 11:30
Q: Auntyji, do I need birth control if I have sex during my period?

I have just started a sexual relationship. My boyfriend lives out of the city and comes over once or twice a month. In that time, I may be having my periods. Is it OK to have sex during periods – like I won’t get pregnant, I hope? And is it actually normal to have sex during periods? Reva, 24 years, Rajasthan

Auntyji says... O beta Reva, Happy New Year beta! I can see you are beginning this New Years with a new kind of hope and its quiet a good New Year resolution – not to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Now your question is a bit of a tricky one and on the face of it, the answer is no you will not get pregnant if you are having sex during your periods.


…a lot of it is dependent on how regular a menstrual cycle you have and how many days you bleed for. So typically, most women have 28- to 32-day cycles, and if someone with this cycle has an average two- to eight-day period, she will probably not get pregnant during her period.

But there is a very remote possibility that you could get pregnant– remote but it exists. This may happen if the woman’s egg gets released at an unusual time and she is near her periods or is already bleeding yet this happens. It is not common but in a freak chance, can happen.

Contraception?Lekin Reva here is my question to you ji. This boyfriend does come around when you are not menstruating, is it not beta? What contraception do you use then? And what is stopping you from continuing the same during your periods?

I can completely understand the aspect of not wanting to use condoms sometimes – to get what some people call the ‘real feeling’.

During your periods as is there is enough lubrication and wetness and in some women, even the desire for sex is heightened. So I say if you are feeling sexually charged, then if you do use condoms perhaps you won’t miss that ‘real thing experience’ as much as you think, simply put because you are having such a great time anyways!

Safe sex is good sexSach to yeh hai beta, that your Aunty is not in favour of unsafe sex – ever. You know it is not just about pregnancy. It’s also about not taking the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. So while beta I do get the ‘more sexy without a condom’ aspect, I will always urge you young people to keep it safe.

Sex during periodsNow your other question. Is it ‘normal’ to have sex during your period? Yes, it’s fine. If you’re both OK with it, go ahead.

Haan, I will again add, keep it safe. Oral sex is not usually suggested during this phase, just for cleanliness reasons. Also during this phase the mouth of the cervix is a little open so the risk of any infection getting by is higher. Conversely, menstrual blood is rich in bacteria and of course HIV or any STD bug, so men need to watch out too.

Safe and Happy New Year!Like in every other situation of sex, ensure you both are OK with it – periods or not. Ensure you both want it, are sure what it signifies for you. Use a towel or extra sheet to line where ever you are having sex, just to keep things clean.

Now have a happy, healthy and safe 2014!

This wish also comes from the Auntyji’s team sitting quietly behind the scenes at Love Matters. They all love and care for you all a lot! Keep in close touch with us, because you know my little sitaaras, love makes the world a better place, haan haan, love and love making! Pyaar karo aur pyaar se pyaar karo.Send Auntyji an e-mail if you’d like advice about love, sex, relationships or anything in between.

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