how to ask someone out
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Asking someone out: do's and don'ts

You fancy that girl or boy and you’ve got positive vibes from them. Now comes the next big step – asking them out. This can be tricky. What should you say? What shouldn’t you say? What are the golden rules to obey? Read on to find out.


  • Meet them in personThe best way to ask someone out is to do it face-to-face. Asking someone out over SMS, email, chat or Facebook makes your approach seem impersonal. So try getting them at a quiet time, preferably when they are alone, and strike up a natural conversation.
  • Keep it open“Would you be up for doing something together sometime?” is a good opener. This gives them less of a chance to say no straight away. Also, the way they react to your question could help you gauge whether they really feel like going out on a date with you.If they seem positive, you can be sure that they won’t turn your next date request down. If you notice reluctance in their tone, you should probably hang on and re-evaluate whether they are really interested in you or not. In case you feel they aren’t excited by the idea at all, it won’t make you feel as though you lost out because you didn’t actually ask them out in the first place!
  • Have the date plannedOnce you know that you’re definitely going to hear a “yes” from them, it’s time to plan a date and make the move. Invite them to do an activity with you, like going for a hike or watching a movie together. Simply ask, “Would you like to watch a movie this weekend if you’re free?”Doing something together, instead of meeting over dinner for instance, will take the onus off your shoulders from making sure both of you have a good time!
  • Be yourselfDon’t put on an act, try to be cool, or try too hard to impress. Just be yourself, and be warm and friendly. You want them to go on a date because of who you really are – not because you spun them some made-up tale to impress them.


  • StalkDon’t lurk around them trying to find the right moment and time to ask them out. You could come across as being a weirdo or worse, a stalker! If you always find them in a group, ask them if you could get a minute or two with them. But keep your tone relaxed, and don’t…
  • Make it sound like it’s a big dealIt could well be the most scary thing you’ve ever done, but don’t let it show. Be confident and kill the nervousness. Keep your tone casual and your body language relaxed. And don’t intimidate them by making it seem too important. That could make them wary of your intentions.Of course doesn’t mean you should be cool and offhand – see ‘be yourself’ above. If you give the impression you’re not really bothered about them, why should they go on a date with you?
  • Freak out if they say ‘no’If they say ‘yes’, congratulations! You’ve just got yourself a date! Time to check out our first date do's and don'ts.If they said ‘no,’ it could seem like the sky came crashing down on you. But you need to keep your composure. Don’t over react, abuse or threaten them. They are probably just quite surprised that you fancy them in the first place or are genuinely busy. And even if they are disinterested, there’s no harm. There are still a lot of single men and women out there looking to date!

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Mam I too have a strong crush on one boy whom I accidentally meet daily while going to college on bus he is a nueoro logist but I don't know his name his cast nothing I m meeting with him since last 2 years but Abhi tak kabhi bhi baat nei hopati.....way to do
That’s so sweet! Why dont you consider just saying Hi!! Try and become good friends. If you already have something in common like your coaching? So it could be easy to start talking. Just get friendly first and take it further from there... Ok? Friends First!! Also read these links: If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
Sorry bête! hum is bare me aapki koi madad nahi kar sakte hai agar aapke paas koi anya sawal hai to puchh sakte hai. Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain to hamare disccsion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil ho!
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