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Holiday romances: Do's and Don'ts

By Stephanie Haase Friday, August 23, 2013 - 15:30
Sunshine, beaches and alcohol: the perfect recipe for holiday romances! Know what you’re getting into because lots of summer love is actually just holiday lust. Read our do’s and don’ts to enjoy your holiday romance without a bad aftertaste.


  • Be picky Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean you should force yourself to try to find a summer romance. Don't go for the just anybody, only because everybody around you is happy and in love. You don't want to end up cringing for years when looking at pictures from your perfect holiday because you didn't want to be without a member of the opposite sex in your holiday shots. And avoid a one-night stand if you are on the same tour group or in the same small hotel – otherwise, you are in for an awkward holiday!
  • Be adventurous The holiday season is your time to go wild. Whatever you're scared of trying at home, you can try while on vacation. Want to flirt with the cute girl at the bar? Do it. Want to take the gorgeous guy for a drink? Ask. Get out of your comfort zone, be confident and make your moves. It's the perfect opportunity to brush up on your flirting skills – you can practice because you will never run into that person again. But don't be too pushy and don't do anything you’ll regret later. And stick to common sense, you don't want to get used.
  • Prepare yourself If you fall in love on vacation, going home will be even harder than you expected. To make it easier, you need to make sure that you are both on the same page from the very beginning: do you want to keep in touch, or maybe even continue dating when you are back at home if all works well? Or is this strictly a holiday fling? The sooner the two of you talk about this and know what both of you want, the better. Keep in mind that most holiday romances don’t survive.


  • Ditch your friends If you're on holiday with your friends or family, don't ditch them for your holiday fling. Tell them what's going on and make sure you don't leave them on their own all the time. Spend some time together; that's what you came for, after all. Make sure your friends get back at their hotels or holiday homes safely if you are planning to spend the night out. And always let them know where you are and what your plans are.
  • Forget to use protection Especially if you don't know the person you're having sex with, it's crucial to use condoms. It will protect you and your sex partner from unwanted holiday souvenirs like syphilis or pregnancy. Also, if you're planning to have sex in the sea, make sure the condom is in place before you get in the water. And remember that the water can wash away lubrication, so that can make sex a bit more uncomfortable.
  • Throw caution to the wind Whatever you do, stick to some simple rules, even on holiday. Don't ‘conveniently forget’ that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend at home. Because cheating on holiday is still cheating. Don’t drink so much alcohol that it clouds your judgement when you are with a stranger, or you might wake up regretting more than just a hangover. Always let someone know where you are, and who you are with. Don't go to sketchy parts of town, or a deserted beach at night. And remember that depending on where you are, outdoor sex can land you in trouble with the police if they catch you at it.

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