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As a girl, is it ok for me to seek information on sex?

By Auntyji Friday, September 22, 2017 - 12:52
Hi Auntyji, being a girl I feel very shy and uncomfortable to ask information on sex, body and things like that. I feel these things are not meant for girls. But I have many questions. What should I do? Poonam, 20 years, Indore.

Auntyji says... Did you say ‘what should I do?’ Beta, the issue here is – can you do or rather why you don’t do anything! And that is what we ought to talk about.

Rightfully yours

Beta Poonam, everybody has the right to gather and gain information on their bodies and sexuality but to get it, you have to go for it, find it and that my dear is your responsibility too! Haina? Do you have a phone Poonam? You know its features, it's hardware etc to some extent? You use it to your best capacity every day, right? You know what it can and cannot do?  

So how come the same philosophy does not apply to your own body? The information about your own body and sexuality is what impacts you the most. It’s the knowledge which will help you make informed choices and life-changing decisions. So how come beta Poonam (and all you ladkis out there) you think you ought not invest in getting to know your body better? Don’t you think you need to love and respect it more?

Invest in yourself

Beta ek baat samaj, when we don’t have any information then we have any control either. Information is power beta. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. Things happen to your body or are done to your body. If you don’t have the knowledge, then you are just a mute spectator. Is that how you want to be treated? A mitti ka bartan in which things are just put with no say of your own? Because Poonam beta let me say this, if you don’t utilise what you read/ write/ imbibe/soak up, you will never be able to make the distinction between what you like and what you don’t. It will be very difficult for you to decipher what is best for you and what is non-negotiable.

Online options galore

Technology has changed the world for us. Today there are so many online resources, forums and discussion platforms to find out information on anything that you have in mind. The best part is – many of them are safe and anonymous. You can ask and seek information anywhere you like. However, at the same time, there is a lot of misinformation out there as well.

So unless you read and read more; and ask questions frequently, there is no way you be able to tell the difference between what works for you and what does not. Beta, I agree it takes time and courage to ask about these issues but ultimately who is going to get the benefit? You na. By being knowledgeable you are in control of your body, your mind and are also well equipped to make good and informed choices.

Universal appeal

Here is an appeal to all you young people out there – Seek Information! Choose wisely and seek information that is factual rather than the one that is fabricated and promoting some purane zamae ke stereotypes. Read all kinds of stuff. Ask all kinds of questions and make a well thought-out choice and decision. Just ask, talk and discuss. You know what my experience says puttar – if you have a question and you think it’s very silly and you should not ask it in a group, then you are wrong. Believe me, at least one more person in your group has the exact same question! So dump the shyness and get going.

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