Pubic grooming dos and don'ts

Pubic grooming: do's and don'ts

Where once the idea of pubic grooming was regarded as rather unseemly, today it has developed into a major industry for men and women alike.

Whether you choose shaving, waxing or lasering, opt for a Brazilian wax or a ‘sack, back and crack’ à la David Beckham, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here's our guide to getting it right.


  • Get the right toolsIf you decide that shaving is the way to go for you, just a disposable razor and some shaving cream are not good enough. You'll need scissors as well, to trim the hair down to a manageable length before you run that razor over it. Avoid the regular-sized scissors at all costs. Go for nail clippers instead, which are easy to manoeuver. A pair of clippers with blunted ends are ideal for the job.Whilst shaving, the golden rule is 'trim dry, shave wet'. If you’re only cutting your hair, it's easier to trim when it's dry. If you’re opting for a shave however, soak in the bath or take a shower prior, it will reduce irritation and cuts to the skin. Keep in mind that shaving is a constant effort. Stubble from the regrowth of hair generally leads to itching.
  • Exfoliate before and after Prior to getting a bikini wax, take a bath and exfoliate your bikini area lightly and ensure that you’re squeaky clean. Additionally, make sure you reveal all to your waxing therapist, especially health issues, allergies, medications or topical creams that you are using. Exfoliating after the bikini wax as well will help prevent ingrown hairs.Make sure that your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long. Anything shorter will make it difficult for the wax to hold on and make the process more painful and pointless.
  • Know what you wantWhen it comes to waxing, your options for styles down there are varied. There’s the basic bikini wax, the full bikini wax, the Brazilian bikini wax and the Hollywood. Pick what you want and don’t be shy in communicating it to your therapist.Whether you opt for waxing, shaving, lasering or using creams or depilatories depends on how much money and time you want to invest and how high your threshold for pain is! Take your time coming up with the right answer.


  • Drink alcoholA glass or two of wine or a shot of tequila before your waxing appointment may seem like a good idea, but be warned: stimulants in alcohol make your skin more sensitive and tighten your pores which makes waxing more painful. Coffee too has a similar effect, so it’s best not to drink either coffee or alcohol at least two hours prior to your bikini wax appointment. Hydrating your skin by drinking plenty of water is a better idea.
  • Go near any heatPost-waxing, it’s best not to sunbathe for at least 24 hours. Also, on the list of things to avoid is hot baths, showers, saunas and jacuzzis which can cause irritation in the susceptible area.As far as possible, keep your hands off as well, because this too can cause irritation and small pimples.
  • Be afraid to go naturalIf you decide that pubic grooming is not for you and you’d rather take a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book and ‘rock a 70s vibe down there’, don’t think twice about it. A recent study by a UK firm showed that 51 percent of women were opting for a full bush and that over 60 percent of the partners surveyed preferred it too.So if you think that the benefits are far too small compared to the time, money and pain endured, don’t be influenced by porn-stars into thinking that the completely hairless look is normal.

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