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My periods are irregular. What should I do?

By Auntyji Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 08:31
Hi periods are very irregular and I am constantly worried. Is something wrong with my body? Please help me. Seher, 20, Delhi.

Auntyji says... ‘Hello beta Seher’, who tells you something is wrong with your body – your body is beautiful beta, be proud of it.  

Confused customer

Seher puttar, periods can be a bit baffling. Sometimes they arrive on the dot and at other times, they play the waiting game. You are not alone in this beta – so many girls undergo this. To begin with, you are very young – at times it takes a while for periods to settle down. That may well be the case. So let’s take a deep breath and calm down.

Doctor suno

Sunn beti. There can be medical reasons – of course. Schedule a check-up. Go with a trusted person and get yourself looked into – bas and you will know that you are medically fine.  If any intervention is needed – that too can start immediately. I am not going to bore you with medical details, let an expert doctor do that! Moreover, we all know that the minute we hear of any disease we run to Dr. Google and ensure we are having the ‘exact same symptoms’. By the end of the day – you are the house of all beemaris! So, no self-diagnosis.

Stress and strife

Are you are under some sort of stress? Worried about something? Some ladai jhagda with your BFF or BF/ GF? What about studies and job anxiety – has anyone been putting any pressure on you? Are you under some trauma of any sort or thinking about the future, worrying your head off with the very useless questions such as  ‘what if this’,  ‘what if that’? Please, Seher, don’t get into this jalebi cycle for no reason at all. Whatever your fears and doubts Seher, beta, they too must be dealt with – on your own or with a trusted person or even a counsellor. Stress can be a big factor behind irregular periods.

Food fundas

Now, madam ji, have you been on any crazy diet? Or have you gained an unnatural amount of weight of late? Have you been eating all crazy hours? Sometimes your work/ study schedules are so mixed up that the body gets confused and your periods are most un-periodic! They really don’t know whether they are coming or going! Has your health been erratic, you been on long doses of medication? Aisa kuch hai? Also, have you begun some hectic gym/ workout schedule? Have you been overdoing the exercise? Beta – the issue is always with the excess of everything. Love, food, exercise, shopping and even studies. If you have been playing with your schedule, remember that too can upset the period cycle.

To – do list

So now, you are going to get that medical check – this week, after which you are going to trash any kind of tensions and traumas. You are going to meet your pals, hangout, have fun. You are going to watch over your body. You know why beta? Because you live in it. It’s your life time address – you have to love it and take great care of it as your body is your only real is janam ki saathi!

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