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Is masturbation unhealthy?

By Auntyji Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 14:10
Hi Auntyji, I masturbate and I get to hear of all kinds of side effects... Is masturbation really harmful to men's health? Cherian, 22 years, Mumbai.

Auntyji says…’Cherian puttar, it’s a question that a lot of puttars ask me very regularly. Aaj Auntyji will answer one and all!

List them out

Chalo, let’s begin by making a list of what all possible side effects masturbation is SUPPOSED to cause.  I can assure you it won’t be a complete list because every time we are ready to close the list one, few new myths get added  – ranging from blindness to skin problems to knee problems, to feet becoming flat. It also includes mental health problems, hair fall, loss of hearing and of course exhausting of your sperms. What else? There is tedha penis, chota penis, losing sex desire, too much desire, impotency, early discharge, no discharge too on the list! It is quite exhaustive, I tell you, but no – the list is not even a fraction of all the alleged side effects of this one activity.

It’s natural and normal

Cherian beta, today I solemnly swear, that masturbation can cause any of the above? Masturbation – be it for men or women – is a safe and simple method of fulfilling sexual desire. People engage in it for years – even when they have partners. In fact, mutual masturbation is very recommended to get to know your partner’s body better.  

Feeding on guilt

Actually betaji, all of us at some point have had some kind of guilt associated with sex  – that sex is bad and sexual pleasure is just terrible. So when you do something to get that pleasure you feel so bad and so guilty that you begin to imagine all kinds of 'bad' things are going to happen to you. Saath hee saath these myths have been propounded exactly to play on that very same emotion – fear and guilt –  to prevent us from indulging in the 'bad'. But the body has a mind of its own. It seeks l, desire, and pleasure satisfaction – and there is nothing wrong with. Nothing! If we look at this activity as a part of loving and knowing our body, enjoying and cherishing what we desire you will be much more relaxed, much more at ease with no anatardwandh going on in your head and heart – making you worry and perhaps that’s the cause of half the 'side effects' as you call them.

Eternal question

So Cherian, just relax and please no more confusion! Beta, do you know, I have been answering this question on our website Love Matters for six years and many years before that too. So if any of this were true, at least half the men in the country (I say men, because ek aur myth yeh hai ki girls cant masturbate) would be, at least – blind, impotent, mentally unstable, have skin problems, walk oddly, perhaps have a small and crooked penis and or lose total interest in sex! Ab bolo! Aayi na hansi? Keep laughing and trash these myths – starting now!

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