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I look ugly, please help me!

By Auntyji Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 22:38
Auntyji, I just hate my body. I am neither fat nor skinny but I look ugly. I have stopped going out or talking to anyone. Please help! Raman (22), Ludhiana.

Auntyji saysOye kudiye, teri mat te nahin maari gayee? What’s this rubbish talk puttar? Na na, we don’t want to talk this talk, hain? Chal sunn hunn!

Root cause

Beta, hoya ki hai? Did you fight with someone? Or has someone been mean to you, rejected you, hurt you or abused you? Tu dass meinu, main abhi uska full and final kardee haan. Raman, who has told you what perfect body looks like? Who tells us what ought to be the right body shape, height, colour and weight?

Is it the media, your silly pals or is it your lover? Who are you getting ready for? What I basically mean is if you have to smarten up for anyone that anyone has to be you and only you. No one else!

Samjheen beta? Don’t let any model or photo, a lover or letter tell you who you are and what you ought to look like. You ought to be a lovely, smart, happy, healthy young woman and only you can decide that. Are we clear?

Going nuts

So yes, I agree that you are being a bit of a jhalli here. Puttar, aye ki gal hoye? Start small. The worst and most tough, a little bit of exercise daily. Do it alone. Got to a nearby park. Don’t talk to anyone since that’s what you want and get walking, running, stretching or swimming – whatever is easy and available.

Then beta, I think I needn’t tell you this. They say you are what you eat. That does not mean we eat the person we want to be. Read up or buy a good book, not on how to reduce weight but the one recommended by a nutritionist. They know what will work for you to feel fit and fine.

Never stay hungry, Raman. Life looks awful on an empty tummy – I can tell you that.

Girl power

One more thing to cheer you up is your girlfriends. They make your world rock! So beta, rock it with your ladki log. Sit with them and ask them for help. Note down what they say where and in what department.

Request them to not criticise but do ask for inputs on what you need. Ask someone whose style you like to help you check your wardrobe or just put some outfits together for you. Ask for a good and reasonable hair stylist and a beautician. Just invest a little in how you look because beta that will definitely impact how you are feeling too.

Raman beta, people can be very nice and yes, very mean too. It depends on what vibes you are giving out and what your attitude is, hain na? If you are going to be a chun chun ka murabba, no one would want to be around you. But if you show little pyaar, little dosti, people would love to help and hang around you.


Beta this body is ours, we live in it for life. Sometimes it begins to wear us down. All we need is to give it one tight embrace. A quick paint job and perhaps change the curtains. Rearrange your furniture and suddenly it starts looking fresh and yet has the old and cosy comfort we are used to. Go ahead then, just rearrange and open your doors and windows.

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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