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How to delay periods?

By Auntyji Friday, February 22, 2019 - 11:49
Hi Auntyji, I am going on a beach holiday but the dates clash with my periods. How can I postpone my periods and is it safe? Samina, 24, Shillong.

Auntyji says, ‘Oh ho puttar I too love beach holidays. Sun and the sand – wah wah! I am coming along with you. Ok puttar’?

Too much issue

Beta ji, so what’s the problem with these periods – let them also come along for the holiday! Not just travel, women take period-delaying pills to keep a fast, to go to a temple or to sit in a pooja.

Beta, to change your period cycle, you will need you to have some dawa (medicine)–  unfortunately daaru will not help you here!

And the dawa to postpone the periods has hormones in it, even if it’s in very low maatrahain to hormones.

If you have to take hormones – it better be for a damn good reason. Fasts, poojas, temple tours, beach holidays – never!

Hidden costs

There is another angle, you know what Samina – all dawa (and also daaru) comes with its own set of problems and may have some chota mota side effects as well. In this case – it may be bloating, sickness and headaches. Do you want to take these problems with you on your holiday?

Nahin na puttar. I believe the worst is to have any sickness during a holiday – that’s the worst – hai na beta?

Help in a purse

So, what can you do if the periods show up too? Use a tampon if you are used to it. Tampons are very easy and convenient to use on holidays and travel – so you may want to consider them. Read more about them here.

If you are not too sure about a tampon, use a light but soakable pad and change many times! Keep many changes of pads and underwear handy. Keep tissues and whatever medicines you use close to your heart and chest. Ok? Bas ho gayee planning.

Old mates

Samina puttarasal mein women treat periods like some major catastrophic calamity – jab ki puttar that is hardly needed. There is absolutely no need to be so worried and threatened by a menstrual cycle.  

It is pretty much part of your monthly routine, not an unknown entity – is it? I hear women complain and go chun chun about their periods and hence at times, it becomes much bigger than it actually is.

Not to diminish that many girls and women can have great discomfort and pain during this period – that is a very serious matter as well. If you are also one of them and have painful periods – see a gynaecologist for sure.

All I am saying is that it’s your body doing its ‘monthly maintenance’. It’s not as if periods come with a ‘return to sender’ warranty – do they? So better embrace it rather than hinder it.

Chalo beta Samina – now get out that sunny smile and pack your bags with a lot of sanitary stuff and all your sweet and sexy clothes and off you go where the sun is shining! Tata girl – surf, sand, and sanitary products, beckon!

*To protect the identity, names have been changed.

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