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Does it smell bad during sex?

By Auntyji Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 10:22
Hi Auntyji, I am about to have sex for the first time but I am worried about the 'yucky' smells down there. Please help. Gurpreet, 21, Delhi.

Auntyji says, ‘kyu bete, aap nahate nahi kya…’? 

Wash, wipe and wear

Gurpreet puttar, if you are a neat and clean sort of person and know the value of washing, drying and cleaning your body parts, fir ki gull hai beta! And this applies to all your body parts, not just the genitals.

First – they belong to you, not your neighbours! So own them. Realise they exist. You need to follow a routine for them – wash, wipe and wear.

Wash each time you go to the loo and then wipe yourself with a clean cloth/ tissue please and then pull on your underwear. Wash while bathing – each time – wipe dry – put on clothes. Pretty easy. Haina?

Nothing yucky

Now despite all this, there is a smell. So toh hain. It exists – it is a part of the deal. Our bodies produce smells of various kind because of the various processes it runs. Nothing ‘yucky’ about it. Supercomputer shareer hain humara. So you ought to own it and its smells, puttar!

But no smells can be so strong that you faint at the whiff of it! And so should be the case with your partner. If one maintains basic hygiene, then the ‘smells’ you get are the regular odours that mark all our body parts.

But if it there is a particularly strong smell, please see a doctor asap – there is something amiss. However, please don't go on overdrive with the cleaning and drying. Washing does not need you to dismantle the vagina and penis and other parts and dry them in the dhoop!

Washing also does not mean – ‘let me bring that floor disinfectant to my shower’. Wash your private parts with plain water and use your hands. No harsh soaps too.

Genital washes - yay or nay?

Now, should you go for the products in the market – do the washes, solutions and sprays work? Those that promise to convert your genitals into a rose garden? For that moment maybe. But none of these products come without potential harm such as an itch or rash. So use them sparingly, I say.  

Don’t waste your money and time there. Buy good quality, cotton underwear instead. Follow a daily hygiene routine. Ensure that your partner does too. And there you are, ready for sex!

And remember even raja/ranis don’t have penises and vaginas that smell of exotic flowers from the valley of Kashmir? Whatever they might sing in the movies woh kya tha... baharon phool barsao. Ha ha ha!

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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