Do your body worries spoil sex
Sergii Sukhorukov

Do your body worries spoil sex?

Do thoughts of flabby abs or the size of your penis creep into your mind while you should be enjoying sex? Both men and women worry about their body in bed, like normal penis size a recent Portuguese study found, and this can seriously get in the way of good sex.  

Flab panic

Flabby stomachs top the list of distracting body parts for both sexes, say the researchers. What is it about stomach fat that worry men and women alike? Studies have shown that a bit of a belly isn’t just a concern during sex – a lot of people worry about the way their stomach looks outside of the bedroom too. Lot of men worry about normal penis size and if they fit in. 

When it comes to sex, it’s the body parts that are most easily seen and open to judgment by their partner that cause people to worry, so it’s no surprise that stomachs rank number one on the list of distracting body parts.

Distracting thoughts

For women, worrying what their breasts look like during sex is almost as common as concerns about their stomach. Not surprisingly, women think about a bigger range of body parts than men do – everything from their butts, to their thighs, to their genitals can be a source of distracting thoughts.

Interestingly, only women seem to let thoughts about how hot their partner thinks they are distract them during sex. For men, it isn’t their partner’s opinion of their body that that can limit them in bed, it’s their own opinion. Men tend to have two-track minds when it comes to worrying about their bodies during sex: belly fat or normal penis size.

Women worry more

An overall poor body image can affect both men and women during sex, but women tend to be more distracted by their bodies in bed than men.One of the reasons may be that speaking negatively about the shape and size of women’s bodies is more common than talking about the way men look. This makes it a lot more likely for women to think poorly about their bodies whether it’s during sex or not.

Focus on sensations

But can worrying about breasts or penis size in bed actually be a problem? When distracting thoughts – whether they’re about body image or not – don’t go away during sex they can get in the way of experiencing erotic pleasure, which can lead to problems with arousal, orgasm and satisfaction.

So what can you do if you worry about the way your body looks during sex? Fight distracting thoughts by learning to focus your attention on the sensations you feel, physically, during sex. And focus on your partner's body, not your own.You can also build your body self-esteem slowly – try having sex with the lights off or in sexy lingerie until you feel more comfortable and less distracted during sex.


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