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Nine years, zero orgasms

It is very common for women to not orgasm via penetrative sex. Is that stressing you out as well? We speak to a young woman, who missed out on the big O for nine long years, and how she finally ended the drought.

Porn and relationships: The X-rated debate

A new study by the University of New Brunswick, which looks at the impact of porn on both men and women, has found that watching porn can be detrimental to people’s sex lives. Is porn really all that bad? We spoke to five young Indians to see what’s their experience been like.

My first sex was embarrassing!

First time sex ought to be special, they say. For Tina, it happened when she was still at school, on a romantic Christmas night at a friend’s place. Yet all she remembers is regret and embarrassment. What went wrong?

Young, lesbian and out of the closet

Growing up queer in a small town was tough on Akshita. ‘Why can't I be like the other girls?’ she wondered. Then she realised it wasn't she who needed to change – but the world around her.

My ex blackmailed me to take him back

Arnav broke up with his boyfriend Abhik. It was three months later that the ‘I still love you’ phone calls started. And when the begging didn’t work, the blackmail began.

Friends with benefits: best of both worlds?

Friends with benefits, sounds like a dream come true for some people. Sex with no strings attached. Just sex whenever you both feel like, maybe some cuddles afterwards. But then you move on with your single life. Is this the ultimate way to have sex?

My husband was raping me – I pretended everything was fine

Marital rape is a hidden form of sexual violence. Since it happens inside what should be the safety of a marriage, victims often find it hard to get support. Nina Mathur shares her experience and tells us how it is also interrelated with other forms of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

‘I’m Northeastern – so they called me a slut’

Women from the Northeast India get treated like sex objects, face racism, suffer more sexual violence… urban myth, or everyday experience? Love Matters asked six Northeastern women if they experience discrimination in Delhi.

The night I broke the rules

Living in Delhi comes with a set of 'rules' for women – especially going out late at night is a big no-no. But what happens when you yearn for just a bit of fun? Shreya Sharma shares the story of the night when she gave into temptation.

Ma's secret: married at 14

Richa always knew that there was something amiss about her parents’ marriage. But she wasn’t emotionally ready for her mother’s revelation.

How I overcame the trauma of sexual assault

Megha had been in relationships, but whenever things started to get physical, she would back off. It took her a long time to realize how a single traumatic incident had changed her body image and feelings about sex.

Breaking the casual-sex barrier

After Riya broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Amit, She never managed to find a new, serious relationship. So she started exploring something she'd never tried before: casual sex.