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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to make contact to share your stories.

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I cheated when everything was perfect

Anmol was in a stable relationship when he cheated on his partner. Did he fall out of love or was it just out of boredom? Let's find out more.

She lost her life after unsafe abortion

She did what many women before her have done, attempting a dangerous method to terminate her pregnancy at home. This never would have happened if abortion were legal in her country. Love Matters brings you the story of Elizabeth of Argentina but really she could be from anywhere around the world.

The smile that changed Ireland

Her death shook Ireland. Women were angry. It could have been any of us, they said. Savita would not have died if she was allowed an abortion, they said. Love Matters brings you the story of an Indian woman, whose death led Ireland to free its women of a law that didn’t let them choose.

Her reaction when she found out I am bald

I have always been slightly touchy about my hair – or rather the lack of it. As a young teenager, when kids would call me names, I generally found it amusing.

‘Did I ever say I love you?’

Mary and Anuj became friends at work and soon were having long chats on the phone. However, she was dumbfounded when his colleagues thought Anuj was her boyfriend. What’s more - Anuj too felt the same. She shares her story with PLD.

‘If you leave me, I’ll die’

She knew that their relationship was heading no where and yet she was caught in it. He had her intimate pictures and could blackmail her. She tells Love Matters India what she did to get out of that messy situation.

‘I went numb looking at my videos online’

When their long-distance relationship did not work, Tarika decided to break-up with Anand. However, Anand could not handle the rejection. What he did next left Tarika broken. She shares her story with Love Matters India.

My Tinder date wanted to try bondage!

Chaavi is a single woman from Delhi who had her first awkward experience in bed with a guy recently. He wanted her to try bondage. Read more to know her story…

I bled on our first time

It was Rohan and Mira’s first time. When they saw blood, he got concerned about Mira. However, it was not Mira who was bleeding. Rohan shares his story with Love Matters India.

Rain rain go away!

Monoson and romance – don’t they always go together? Renu tells Love Matters India how rain had almost spoilt the special day she had planned for Sharad. But our Sharad is no less than Shahrukh Khan! Read on to find how he won Renu’s heart that wet evening in Lucknow’s Hazratganj.

Most couples must've done everything, we were just kissing!

Samar was quite excited to go to his honeymoon with Mira after however, it turned out to be quite a disaster. He tells Love Matters India how things finally changed for him and Nancy.

My bf and I will visit Didi on Diwali

Dhruv’s sister, who initially tried to ‘talk him out of being gay', now likes his pictures with his partner on Facebook. He tells Love Matters India how things changed slowly but positively for him.