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What if someone saw you there?

‘Are you mad?’ Namit shouted at Ridhi when she told him that she was going with Shweta to support her during an abortion. Ridhi was torn - help her best friend or listen to her boyfriend?. What would you do? - Kya Doge Saath?

I wanted to slap my daughter

‘How could Lavi and Rohit be so careless!’ Lavanya’s teenage pregnancy had shocked her mother Shobita. She didn’t know whether to punish her daughter or take her to a doctor. What would you do? Kya Doge Saath?

I had four abortions before I turned 21

Supriya’s abusive relationship took her through not one, not two, but four abortions. It was not until the fourth termination that Supriya found the courage to break this cycle of abuse. Yet, she does not regret it as it allowed her to be the person she is today - who respects her body.

I wasn’t ready to be a father at 22

‘We were friends with benefits and that’s all that we wanted'. Suman’s unplanned pregnancy had scared Abhay a lot and he didn’t know whether to flee or fight. What would you do? -Kya Doge Saath?

I listened to my body, I chose abortion

The experience of first difficult childbirth left Subashini in a state of postpartum depression. When she discovered she was pregnant again, within a couple of months, she chose abortion as she was not ready for another round of labour pains and sleepless nights.

I chose abortion to give my daughter a better future

Overcoming the family pressure to try for a son, who would 'carry' the family name forward, Malini decided to abort her unplanned pregnancy - to give her daughter a better future.

Abortion pills did not work for me

Two months into my marriage, I got pregnant. That left the both of us stressed and unhappy. Leaving aside the joy of being newlyweds, we started thinking about abortion.

Recovering from my teenage abortion

“Everything I went through is still fresh in my memory,” says 24-year-old Mumbai student Sara about the time she had an abortion as a teenager. It was an unpleasant surprise to her that being in love could cause so much pain and trauma.

How could she get pregnant!

Mithun and Ruchi masturbated each other and after two days she called to tell him that she was pregnant. Mithun was shocked. What exactly happened?

How we rebuilt our relationship after an abortion

Ratan had been dating for a year when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. They had no choice except abortion. Read how they rebuilt their relationship after the heart breaking incident…

I was in his arms, but thinking of her

Nisha lay awake in Vikram’s arms, thinking of Priya. She kissed a girl and loved it. Should she tell her husband about it?

We were caught almost nude!

Sia and Tarun waited for more than five hours to get together at his home and make love but just when they had undressed, someone entered the room. Who was it? What happened next? Read the story to find out!