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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to make contact to share your stories.

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When I dumped all my short dresses

‘It must be my fault that I was groped on the street. After all, I was coming home late, alone and in a short dress’, Sheetal told herself. An inspiring conversation with someone unexpected gave her the courage that it wasn’t. Sheetal shares her story with Love Matters.

My girlfriend wanted to explore other men

Everything was going well for Prerna and Ankit until one day she told him that she wanted variety before settling in any relationship. Ankit shares his bittersweet story with Love Matters.

When I learnt the trick to orgasm

Megha had no idea how women get to an orgasm. She turned to her friend Vinita who taught her the 'touchy touchy'. Megha tells Love Matters' writer Arpit Chikkara how she learnt to 'help herself' with the new trick and a dose of sexy imagination!

My brother beat my ex boyfriend

Everything was going fine with Sonal and Krish until one day when Krish decided to break up with her without giving any solid reason. Sonal couldn’t bear the loss and took this drastic step.

How popping ECP everytime messed up my gf’s body

Samaira and Angad always had sex without condoms. They loved the ‘raw sensation of pleasure’. Swallowing the emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) or i-pill every time after sex became their thing until one-day Samaira felt a sharp pain in her belly. Angad shares her story with Love Matters India.

A red rose for me

Payal saw Rahul buying a red rose. She could not hide her excitement and put on her best dress. What happened next? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘Wait till you can vote’

When Vihaan was with Chitra all he wanted was to have sex. And then suddenly he was thinking about not having a voter’s ID! What’s sex got to do with voting, Vihaan tells Love Matters India.

The day I wore a saree

*Anshuman wanted to follow his heart when deciding what to wear for his college farewell. He shares that bitter-sweet memory with Love Matters India.

A wedding with no pundit, no kanyadaan

Harsha tells us about her sister’s wedding that became the talk of her town in Bihar. All thanks to her dad! So get a cup of tea and chair as this one’s not to be missed!

‘Show me your brown part,’ he said

Vaibhavi and Abhi were in the same school as kids and met on Facebook after many years. When she started chatting with him, he asked her for a ‘special’ picture. She tells Love Matters India how embarrassed she felt.

Yes, I am happily unmarried

Pawan tells everyone he might die if he gets married! Is that true? Or does he just enjoy being single?

One winter night on a train

Rima and Sahil met online and had never seen each other. On a cold, foggy, January night, she decided to surprise him by taking a train from New Delhi to Kolkata. But anyone who has lived in North India knows travelling in the winter can be an adventure. Rima tell us about the journey she’d never forget!