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Five years, no kids: was something wrong with us?

Three years into their marriage, Saurabh* and Shivani* were being constantly interrogated about why they weren’t having a child. Tired of it all, they decided to try for a child, but it wasn't as easy as the world had led them to believe.

No condom, no sex: the story of a Mumbai sex worker

Do safe sex rights apply to a sex worker? Amrita*, a 27-year old sex worker from Mumbai, tells us about her brush with harassment, that stumbled her on to the path of understanding her rights.

My ‘friends’ stripped me to find out my gender!

When it comes to gender-based violence, mostly it’s women who are the victims but men too fall prey to this kind of violence. One such incident left a huge a dent on the mind of Sujayesh*, a college student in Delhi.

He controlled my life and I thought it was love!

Nisha*, a creative designer from Delhi was raised in a very liberal, open-minded family where girls were treated no lesser than boys. However, her marriage to Gaurang*, who abused her physically and mentally, shattered her confidence.

How one night with another man brought me close to my love

Harsha spent a night with Karan and it brought her closer to Udit. Read on to find out how a night of simple pleasures helped Harsha strengthen a faltering long-distance relationship.

Was my friend a lesbian?

Nazma was attracted towards her friend Kavita as they were grew up together in an east Delhi neighbourhood. However, neither she nor Kavita could understand these feelings and they remained bottled up inside her. Years later Kavita found out about Nazma’s unhappy marriage and wondered if things could have been different if Nazma had received support in understanding and exploring her sexuality. Kavita tells us about the girl who ‘missed her a lot’.

He slapped and pushed me to the wall

Kumar started dating Sharad in 2013 after a casual Facebook chat. They both had some behavioural issues but things took an ugly turn when they started living together. Kumar was controlling and Sharad started abusing physically and verbally. Kumar tells us their story...

I didn't like boys or girls!

For most of us sexual attractions happened as soon as we hit puberty. We all have stories of crushing over that cute guy or girl, but what about some of us who didn't? Vaibhavi, 22, from Mumbai, shares her story.

From a kiss to the baby: What Bollywood taught me about sex

Talking about sex has always been a taboo in Indian families. The only way youngsters, especially those of us growing back in the 90s and before, could get anywhere close to learning about sex was from Bollywood. Kiran regales us with stories of all the sex wisdom Hindi cinema bestowed on her.

Why are only women judged, when men too are responsible?

An unplanned pregnancy sent Nandini into a world full of judgment. The most difficult ones to handle were jibes that came from the doctor and nurses. But she wondered why they were directed only at her and not Sunil, who was equally responsible.

I chose abortion to give my daughter a better future

Overcoming the family pressure to try for a son, who would 'carry' the family name forward, Malini decided to abort her unplanned pregnancy - to give her daughter a better future.

Life after my husband: When I bought a dildo online

Seema, a mother of two, from Bhopal was widowed at 29. Her physical desires took a back seat as she geared up to raise her kids and start working. But her work with internet brought her some unexpected pleasures.