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From a kiss to the baby: What Bollywood taught me about sex

Talking about sex has always been a taboo in Indian families. The only way youngsters, especially those of us growing back in the 90s and before, could get anywhere close to learning about sex was from Bollywood. Kiran regales us with stories of all the sex wisdom Hindi cinema bestowed on her.

Why are only women judged, when men too are responsible?

An unplanned pregnancy sent Nandini into a world full of judgment. The most difficult ones to handle were jibes that came from the doctor and nurses. But she wondered why they were directed only at her and not Sunil, who was equally responsible.

I chose abortion to give my daughter a better future

Overcoming the family pressure to try for a son, who would 'carry' the family name forward, Malini decided to abort her unplanned pregnancy - to give her daughter a better future.

Life after my husband: When I bought a dildo online

Seema, a mother of two, from Bhopal was widowed at 29. Her physical desires took a back seat as she geared up to raise her kids and start working. But her work with internet brought her some unexpected pleasures.

Bachelor party horror: How paid sex cost me Syphilis

What is it like to get a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) in a culture where sex itself is a taboo? Twenty-year-old Amit from Ranchi decided to lose his virginity to a sex worker. What happened thereafter made him almost suicidal...

The moment I knew my marriage was over

Shivani married Deepak for love but soon realised that love doesn't really conquer it all. Several things make for a happy relationship and even if one ingredient is missing, the result could be quite bitter. Read on to find out what got Shivani to separate from her partner of six years.

I thought I was ready for sex until I saw his penis!

Aarti thought she was ready for sex but chickened out at the last minute. Read on to find out what got Aarti to press the retreat button!

Nine years, zero orgasms

It is very common for women to not orgasm via penetrative sex. Is that stressing you out as well? We speak to a young woman, who missed out on the big O for nine long years, and how she finally ended the drought.

Porn and relationships: The X-rated debate

A new study by the University of New Brunswick, which looks at the impact of porn on both men and women, has found that watching porn can be detrimental to people’s sex lives. Is porn really all that bad? We spoke to five young Indians to see what’s their experience been like.

My first sex was embarrassing!

First time sex ought to be special, they say. For Tina, it happened when she was still at school, on a romantic Christmas night at a friend’s place. Yet all she remembers is regret and embarrassment. What went wrong?

Young, lesbian and out of the closet

Growing up queer in a small town was tough on Akshita. ‘Why can't I be like the other girls?’ she wondered. Then she realised it wasn't she who needed to change – but the world around her.

My ex blackmailed me to take him back

Arnav broke up with his boyfriend Abhik. It was three months later that the ‘I still love you’ phone calls started. And when the begging didn’t work, the blackmail began.