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'Don't go to the women's toilet'

What's it like to be on the receiving end of all the hatred when you embrace your sexuality? Love Matters asked five young LGTB people. They told us stories of jibes, violence, rejection – even attempted murder.

When rain washed away our special plan!

Monoson and romance – don’t they always go together? Renu tells Love Matters India how rain had almost spoilt the special day she had planned for Sharad. But our Sharad is no less than Shahrukh Khan! Read on to find how he won Renu’s heart that wet evening in Lucknow’s Hazratganj.

'I would've missed out on so many wonderful things'

Being abused, bullied and teased all through school took a toll on Kushal’s mental health. He was depressed, prone to anxiety and suicidal. Kushal sought help and took therapy for two years. He is now better and wants other young people to also seek help, treatment without worrying about stigma. He shared his story with Love Matters India to encourage young LGBT to fight for their happiness.

Jab Mohit met Ankit

They look amazing together, have a huge fan following on social media and have even done a music video together. We are talking about Mohit and Ankit, who are popularly known as #HitAnk. Mohit spoke to Love Matters India to share how he met this ‘cute guy’ Ankit and fell in love with him.

Chaman Bahar and the memories of being called ‘Maal’

The new Netflix movie - Chaman Bahar - brought back so many bitter memories and reignited those buried fears. Those boys at the corner shops, college roundabouts and tea vendors, who would just ‘tease’ girls to pass time. Anu Shakti Singh shares her reflections with Love Matters India.

'Coming out in front of my class'

Arnav was tired of all the harassment and mockery he had to face because of his identity. One day he revealed his truth in front of the whole class. What happened next? He shared his story with Gaylaxy magazine.

‘Sex was great but...’

The sex was great. There was no need to wear clothes afterwards, just lie in each other’s arms. But slowly what seemed like a gift from God turned into a nightmare. We started fighting, shouting and snapping at each other. Sameer shares his lockdown tale with Love Matters India.

‘When I was caught masturbating’

Just as Chirag was about to ejaculate, his father knocked on the bathroom door. What happened next? Chirag shares his lockdown story with Love Matters India.

‘It happens among boys’

‘Some schoolboys in Delhi had indulged in a vulgar conversation about girls on their Instagram group, the details of which had now been leaked on social media. Vaidehi could not shake this news off her mind. ‘But why do boys do this?’, Vaidehi asked Siddharth. ‘Arey, all these Whatsapp chats are just for fun. This does not mean that all men actually think like this!’, he said. ‘But then why are there so many cases of rape and sexual harassment in the world? 'It must have its foundation somewhere’, she wondered.

'I was left without help'

Sonali is a person with disability. Usha Aunty helps her with all her physical needs. With the declaration of the lockdown, Usha Aunty could no longer visit her. How did Sonali manage her life? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

My mother found a used condom under our bed!

Raghav's mother found a used condom wrapped in a newspaper while cleaning his room. There was an eerie silence in the room for a moment. He pretended to be asleep at that time. What happened next? Raghav shared his story with Love Matters India. 

When Afsana wore a mangalsutra!

‘Didi, you don’t know what we are going through. Because of the mistake of some people, we all have to suffer,’ Afsana told me as she came to pick her wages, wearing a bindi and mangalsutra. The virus had not only taken their livelihood but also their peace of mind, Niharika shares a conversation with Love Matters India.