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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to make contact to share your stories.

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I was bullied at school for being girly

‘Dekho yeh toh ladkiyon jaisa hai!’ Even though Siddhant could not see what was wrong in being like a girl, he desperately wanted to get rid of the tag all through his school years. He tells Love Matters India how he finally understood and accepted his sexuality.

When Papa came along to LGBT march

Lavanya shares the warm memories of her first pride parade, one that was made extra special by the support she got from her parents.

Molested for ‘appearing gay’

*Uday was molested by his landlord but decided not to report the matter to the police because he knew he could be the one to be jailed.

I wanted to make love but not his way

*Zubin and *Aastha got to know each other at an outstation photo shoot for work. They bonded over their similar taste in music and love for travel. But things went wrong when the two got cosy on a railway berth. Aastha shares her story with Love Matters India.

Why smart women often choose the wrong men?

My friend Parama, just left for her hometown. She had a break up a few days back. It was getting into her, so she took a few days off and went home so that she could forget painful memories of her ex.

I caught my younger brother masturbating

Ankit ran into his brother watching porn and rubbing his penis. What happened next left his brother rather surprised. Pleasant or not? Read on.

Denied a house over an eyeliner

Finding a place to live in Mumbai is tough. Some owners only want a ‘family person’ while others won’t rent their house to a single woman. But Divyaroop found out that there’s one more thing that the landlords find difficult to accept.

I had to hold my pee for nine hours

All of us have been in situations where we could not find a washroom but had to desperately pee. Do you remember the agony and the pain of those minutes? Now imagine someone having to hold their pee for nine long hours! Jamal Siddiqui, a transman, shares one such experience with Love Matters India.

My dad taught me how to use a pad

Sanvi*, a teenager from Kasauli, felt very distraught when her friend *Tanya had to rush home, middle of a school day, after she stained her skirt with a red spot. Next day Tanya said this was ‘ladkiyo wali baat’ and only moms could talk about it. Sanvi, who grew up in all-boys household, tells Love Matters who finally did the 'ladkiyon wali baat' with her.

Always a buddy, never the lover

*Karishma, a 30-something woman from Delhi tells Love Matters how her 80 kgs always weighed more in the minds of men in her life than her wit, warmth and confidence and the numerous heartbreaks that followed.

'We stopped having sex because I was pregnant'

*Karan and *Ritu stopped having sex when they found out they were pregnant. The parents-to-be, who had an active sex life, thought they might harm the baby if they made love. Here’s their story on how they lost and found intimacy with each other.

She chose me for her first time as I was experienced

*Shubhi and *Atharv were colleagues and also friends on social media for a long time but had no intentions of being in a relationship. However, one day, Shubhi came to him with a demand that took Atharv by surprise.