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How my 3 am friend brought love back to my life

Sonia withdrew from the world after she divorced her college sweetheart Vinod. Three years on, Sonia tells Love Matters how Raghav brought love and laughter back to her life. And no he isn’t her new boyfriend!

How I met the most kind, beautiful man ever

Anwesh calls himself ‘the luckiest man in the world’ to have Pance in his life. Regardless of what the future holds for them, the two live in present and enjoy every moment together. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Anwesh shares their beautiful story with Love Matters.

No ‘room’ for love

Aaradhya*, a 30-year-old Delhi professor, reminisces about how she had to lie to her parents to spend some ‘exclusive’ time with her partner. However it wasn’t a choice she made willingly.

I couldn’t have been a party to that crime

Priyank, a Delhi University student, blindly trusted his dad when he asked him to come back home urgently. Turns out, they wanted him to ‘see’ a girl for marriage. The moment Seema entered the room with cups of tea, Priyank felt something was not right!

You will envy the men I date!

In a society that boxes people into categories - thin/fat, male/female - Mona Varonica Campbell has broken not one but two stereotypes. She is India’s first transgender, plus-size model. Love Matters spoke to Mona about the ‘curves’ in her path.

New start to an old love affair

Megha, a happily married woman, could not resist the temptation of meeting her ex-boyfriend Dev after ten years. The two were best friends for a long time and when they finally met on new year’s eve, something incredible happened, which brought them closer than ever before.

When my husband’s kadak chai saved the day!

Nishtha*, a working woman from Delhi, often finds herself being told off by her neighbours for ‘making’ her husband Vijay* do all the household chores. Only until they tasted the yummiest rajma chawal in town!

Five years, no kids: was something wrong with us?

Three years into their marriage, Saurabh* and Shivani* were being constantly interrogated about why they weren’t having a child. Tired of it all, they decided to try for a child, but it wasn't as easy as the world had led them to believe.

No condom, no sex: the story of a Mumbai sex worker

Do safe sex rights apply to a sex worker? Amrita*, a 27-year old sex worker from Mumbai, tells us about her brush with harassment, that stumbled her on to the path of understanding her rights.

My ‘friends’ stripped me to find out if I was a boy

When it comes to gender-based violence, mostly it’s women who are the victims but men too fall prey to this kind of violence. One such incident left a huge a dent on the mind of Sujayesh*, a college student in Delhi.

He controlled my life and I thought it was love!

Nisha*, a creative designer from Delhi was raised in a very liberal, open-minded family where girls were treated no lesser than boys. However, her marriage to Gaurang*, who abused her physically and mentally, shattered her confidence.

How one night with another man brought me close to my love

Harsha spent a night with Karan and it brought her closer to Udit. Read on to find out how a night of simple pleasures helped Harsha strengthen a faltering long-distance relationship.