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Five super reasons to glove up now

At least once in every consenting sexual relationship, couples have had the famous ‘can-we-go-without-a-condom’ discussion. Why do we see condoms as a barrier to sexual pleasure? Make friends with condoms and you will realise that they are capable of so much more than just saving a pregnancy! Here are five benefits of using condoms that will make you think twice before popping the ‘can we?’ question.
  1. Pleasure all the way
    The human race has made so many important advances and one such is the enhancement of condoms for sexual pleasure! We have a whole rainbow to choose from – ribbed and dotted, hot and cold, chocolate flavour and even mint fresh. Men often complain that having sex while using a condom is like getting a massage with a winter coat on. But thanks to the recent newly-available additions, there are so many varieties of thin or skin-feel condoms out there to explore. And ladies, if you find sex with a condom annoying or painful, you are probably not using the right one!
  2. No-mess sex 
    You probably know that scene from a movie where, after sex, the couple just lays in bed all satisfied basking in the glory of their sexual prowess? Well, in the real life, it’s just the opposite. Most of the times, post coital bliss begins to vanish when women have to rush to the toilet, cupping their lady parts as efficiently as possible so that you don’t drip all over the floor. The struggle is real! On the other hand, when you wear your good old translucent friend, you can just lie back and enjoy the ‘mess-free’ moment. 
  3. No ‘good news’
    One of the top reasons why most of us generally use condoms is to prevent pregnancy and we are right about that. According to Planned Parenthood, if used correctly, condoms are up to 98% effective! While there are many different ways to practice birth control, condoms remain the least invasive and a very reliable non-hormonal method.

  4. Fertility intact and no side effects
    Unlike other birth control methods, which may have various side effects like hormone imbalances or disruption of natural bodily cycles, condoms are completely non-intrusive. As is with birth control pills, there is no recovery period or waiting for your body to regain its natural rhythm if you want to have a baby. Just take the condom off and voila, you are ready to start trying!
  5. No STDs
    Condoms protect against sexually-transmitted diseases. Ranging from mildly annoying to life-threatening (including HIV), condoms are the only form of birth control that prevents sexually transmitted diseases (STDs.) Condoms can be used during oral, vaginal or anal sex.  So no matter how you roll, it will keep you safe. With no stress about contracting an STD or getting pregnant, you can actually focus on what really matters in: pleasure!  

    So go on, make condoms your friends and orgasm your way to a safe, exciting and fulfilling sexual life!

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