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How to make a woman wear a female condom - sexy tips

Wearing a condom doesn’t always have to be a time when you stop your act of sex, take a break from all that passion and wear a condom. In fact it can be a time which is sexy enough to get you in the mood for a more passionate time ahead. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your condom-wearing experience memorable!

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If you are a man and your partner is a female, then these tips are for you. 

“Tease me, tease me, till I lose control” Get your partner to put the condom in your vagina, and then use fingers or his penis to gently massage the outer ring on your labia or clitoris.

“Look but don’t touch” Alternatively, you could put the condom in while your partner watches. Tell your partner that he  can look but not touch!

“Bump and grind” Many women like it when their partner hits the inner ring of the female condom. Try it to see if you like it too… Apparently, this is pretty erotic for the guys – so much so that in Ghana men buy female condoms to masturbate with!

“You’re making me so hot” Unlike most male condoms, female ones are made out of polyurethane, which is thinner than latex. So much so that when you’re having intercourse you can feel your partner’s body heat.

“It only makes that noise when you’re doing it right” Female condoms can make a crinkly noise when you’re having sex, which can put some people off. However, you can tell your partner it only makes sexy noises when he’s doing it right!

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