Women have wet dreams too
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Women have wet dreams too

Most men have had a wet dream at some point in their lives. What’s less well known is that women can also come in their sleep, says Dr Ellen Laan, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam.

Some women are woken in the night by the intense pleasure of an orgasm. There’s usually no ejaculate, but the vagina does become wet and lubricated.

Yet women’s night-time climaxes largely remain a mystery, says Dr Laan, who specialises in studying the differences between male and female sexual arousal.

“Why don’t we know more about women’s experiences? Because women’s organs are on the inside. They can’t see and feel what’s happening to their genitals the way men can.”


For men, you know you’ve had a wet dream, or ‘nocturnal emission’, when you wake up and feel the damp patch on your bed. You might think you’ve peed, but in fact, it’s semen. It happens spontaneously and often men have a wet dream without even dreaming about sex.

“Men have about four to five erections a night, connected with rapid eye movement,” Dr Laan says. “We think this happens because it’s good for sex organs to be engorged with blood on a regular basis – it’s healthy for the tissue.”

Friction or squeezing

The same also applies to women. “We have studies measuring vaginal reactions during sleep and you see the same pattern of arousal that you see in men.”

While women’s genitals become engorged, it usually takes a little more stimulus to produce an orgasm.

“So suppose you’re a woman in this cycle. If your sensitivity threshold is low, you may only need a little bit of friction or a little bit of squeezing of the muscles in the groin to give you an orgasm. This is often instinctive because you’re half asleep.”

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mam..actuly i had wet dreams too in evry few days...bt i cntroll it forcely because i dont want to ejuculate.mam is there any way to get relief from such kind of dream..
I'm a 46 year old female. I've been having wet dreams for about 6 months. I only ever have them if I'm sleeping on my back. I find it very easy to have an orgasm in my sleep than with sex. I'm single and haven't had sex for 18months. Maybe that's why I'm having regular wet dreams. I have at least 3 a week. I don't wake up afterwards but clearly remember it in the morning and my vagina is very wet. Its great!! I love it!
I am 35 years old and have experienced what I believe are 2 wet dreams so far. I have woken up with my panties and my bed extremely wet. The first time I thought I had urniated the bed and got up and washed everything immediately, the second time I did not wash my panties just to see if it smelled like urine the next day... It DID not smell like urine and when I went to the bathroom and wiped it was super wet like as if i had sex. I wish this was a topic that people would speak of more frequently.
I need help . I am a 19 year old female and bisexual I have been In a long term relationship with my bf but I always have lesbian dreams and then I masturbate and I feel it when I cum but when I wake up I'm not wet what does this mean am I just dreaming when that happens ? But it feels so real .
I've had wet dreams for years, I'm a single parent . I can go 2 yrs without sex easily , but I have these wet dreams just before my period . It's so intense I used to wake up facing up . Now that I've read this I feel like it's normal . Never experienced orgasm when having sex but always in my dreams . I used to think it was abnormal I've had Pastors pray for me , gone different places seeking help thinking I've a bad spirit . This actually makes me think there is nothing wrong it's normal . I recently learnt to masturbate and I enjoy it .Im 36 yrs old .
Im a 29 year old female. Almost every month I have a wet dream a few days before my period starts. And after the first one in able to very easily bring myself to small orgasms over and over again. But the longer I do it the weaker they get.when I was pregnant it still happened monthly but I got bad period cramps with each orgasm. I tried to find information about this on the internet,but can't. Im always dreaming about something stressful and non sexual. Like only having a few minutes to finish something and I'm almost out of time and then as I start to orgasmand it walked me up. That had actually happened to me once as a teenager when I was awake. I was on the phone past the time I was supposed to be and I was really afraid of being caught for some reason. Its just so strange.
i have wet dreams many times, one i saw like i a guy touching me, my private parts which made me wet intensely.. i feel tight at that time mostly... feel like squeezing my thighs tightly... i have also noticed the vagina becomes wet... fully wet... & very sensitive, as in if i touch it, it pulsate... actually masturbating after that feels good too.
Madi Burns
Sat, 07/25/2015 - 11:27
I've had wet dreams before but in the past few months I've had a recurring one every week or so where I'm at school wearing a cocktail dress when a man comes and rips it off to reveal me wearing nothing except for green flowers covering my vagina. Then a group of men (lately the role changes: last time it was my father) chases me until they huddle around and begin to violently come in every orifice in my body: my mouth, my rear, my vagina all at the same time. Then a group of my female friends enter completely naked and begin to grab my head and take turns shoving it into each of their rear ends. This usually makes me wake up and my panties are almost always completely drenched and the feeling is 10x stronger than any sexual experience I've had awake. It is an honestly exhilirating experience although it can feel weird after your dream involved family members
I am a very sexual 25 year old woman. However I decided that I want to remain celibate until I find the right person. I only orgasmed one time through sexual intercourse. It's now been six years since I have had sex. Lately I've found myself missing sex a lot. I have always had wet dreams but lately they have become very intense to the point that I am orgasming while asleep. It's definitely helping relieve my sexual needs!
I'm 32 and 7wks pregnant and haven't had sex in over 2wks. Despite pleasuring my husband regularly in other ways, I myself haven't had the urge for any type of sensual play due to severe morning sickness... However, last night I had a strange dream about boring 'everyday things' but in my dream I had left my car keys in a supermarket store, at the check out till, and ended up sprinting in slow motion back to the store before it locked up for the night. Now during that slow run, whilst asleep, I felt a thrusting twisting pleasurable sensation in my groin which, when I immediately woke up from my dream, I could still feel it's after effects, thus resulting in wet pj's. This is the third time in my life this had happened to me... I always assumed its due to a lack of sex. Good to know in not the only one
Wet dream is lovely because you feel so passionate and d looks so real, sometimes it gives you a picture of a dream, having serial intercourse or foreplay, before u know it u start seeing your cocktail discharging out fluids not pee. As may think. Really fun
I'm 34 now, I believe I experience my first and only wet dream at the age 30. I felt extra horny, my boyfriend of 5 years at the time, asked me what gotten into me? The sex we had felt like the sexual experience I ever had. Was it because, In my wet dream, I dreamt him?
Hi there my name is didi and i am almost 31 i have felt night orgasms since i have memory, Its been a pleasure comes to me all the time while i sleep, usually before my period starts, one time was so intense that woke me up completely gave me the most intense contractions left my whole body in shock swetie in cold, i was just holding my bed frame for support the stimulation was so harsh that took me to the point to stimulate my vowels and poop a lot, 30 mins after my period came. Although my first orgasm with a man was at the age of 28 since then all the time i have sex i am multiorgasmic 6 to 10 times in a row, i am very healthy i eat organic food and healthy smoothies sometimes when im at the gym lifting weights or doing some core exercises i start feeling the sensation from my belly bottom all the way down, its delicious how i have found my sex intimacy by myself.
I've had a boyfriend with whom I was sexually active. We're now in a long-distance relationship, ever since we parted I often had very sexual dreams that woke me up in the middle of the nights, finding myself aroused and wet. It was great, except for a few times when the guy in the dream was not my boyfriend but some random guy I don't know why, it made me wake up feeling guilty. Having wet dreams is great somehow but I'd rather have actual sex with my boyfriend I miss him so bad =/
I m 25 yes of age who normally face night wet especially when I think of any beautiful girl I will meet her on m dream by fucking hr
I had my 1st "wet dream " last night & honestly it was amazing. I was dreaming about a girl, which was odd because I'm not bisexual or gay. But it was so intense I woke up & could still feel the "after shook".
If I go too many days without masturbating, most of my dreams will involve me or me and another person trying to get off (or some kind of sexual content). Usually I don't come in those but last night I had an INSANE wet dream and I had the orgasm right when I woke up!
I am in my late 40's and have nocturnal orgasm perhaps 1 or 2 per month. They are not always cause by sexual dreams nor am I ever wet after the episode. I started having them about 10 years ago and enjoy it immensely!!!
I always have wet dreams and i just had one earlier. I came. Yes, I really came. I know the feeling of cumming and it was great. What happened in my dream was that a guy has a crush on me and then he raped me even tho i told him i already have a bf.
Im still a virgin but in this month i started to have wet dreams and its happening frequently. I've masterbated before for about 2 years now but only from time to time. I dont feel comfortable saying my age since i feel i will get judged because of that reason but if anyone could help me out on why i have these dreams that would be great
I have wet dreams every month and I too believe its due to lack of intimacy from a partner with very low libido. It's just as important for women to have that release as it is for men. The body is an amazing unit and takes care of that need in our sleep when we are lacking in reality. That's my take on it anyway.
Hi, I also experience orgasms at night.. I don't even dream of sex or a guy or being touched. I just wake up to the best orgasm ever and it sometimes continues even when I wake up. What confuses me even more is that I'm not wet at all
Had one involvibg an unknown man giving fellatio. It was intense as im novulating and had a full bladder. At times im able to know im dreaming then consciously let go and do whatever I want knowing its safe and only a dream. I can be shy in real life and have quite a few sexual dreams that leadbto orgasms. The dream orgasms leave a nice feeling allover in the morning
Hi, since turning 30 I have had wet dreams. like the First Lady rnw said i go into a different state in my dream as well, fully dreaming then feeling half awake, unsure if asleep or awake. it starts out I'm dreaming & sometimes I dream of a person then when the wet dream starts I'm in my bed & I can just feel the sensations like you do during sex of being penetrated, but know that I'm not being which is weird.
Want to know dream
Fri, 12/19/2014 - 21:08
I once had a dream of finding myself in a room where all girls were taking each others clothes down. I was turned on with the site. Suddenly there were some group of boys standing in a line who dropped off their pants and standing nude. They were coming to us and asking to hold their penises. I was very much turned on as one boy touched my vagina as I had but only top on myself. My bottom half was naked. I held his cock and suddenly left it as he was still moving his finger over my vagina. He was not fingering though but trying to separate my vaginal lips. I pushed him aside exclaiming I can't allow him to fuck me. I then ran out in a corridor where I saw some girls nude but they were quite far. I just started moving up and down as if somebody was fucking me. But no one was there. I was so wet to think about this all and I got up to notice I am still moving in my bed twisting with my pants (and panties) down. I wanted to know does that mean I am a bisexual? The sight of all those boys showing their penises is still fresh and makes me hell wet.
Sun, 12/21/2014 - 17:10
I am 26 years old married with three children and just experienced my first wet dream. I do not even remember the dream, but I work up because I heard my 15 month old son crying and I felt something wet. Initially I thought I was having my cycle and when I turned the lights on I noticed that was not the fact. My clothes and through the sheets of my bed. My husband and I have been having some issues we rarely even sleep in the same bed
I am 30 y-o female and I've been having this type of "wet dream" which once in a while actually climaxes with intense physical pleasure which can run thru my head ever since around the time I got my first period (at 11 y-o), if not earlier. It really is an orgasm that lasts about some seconds but without squirting. My genitals get really engorged and really wet though. As the article says, what it is is basically as I fantasize about certain sexually arousing creative stories/situations, I keep my muscles in the groin tightly squeezed the whole time and my genitals get more and more engorged and then eventually climaxes. It can feel more than actual sex with a partner in terms of physical pleasure I get. Recently, however, I get this wet dream thing far less than I used to have at one point when I was younger.
I'm 29 and usually pretty sexually active. Haven't had sex in about 2 months now. I dreamt I was having sex with an unknown male. Dont remember his face. Just him saying relax...relax... While I was riding him. Never once in my life have i ever had a dream that led to orgasm but When I finally relaxed I orgasmed and it was a pretty big one too. It may be because I've given up smoking marijuana too. Never had one in my life till this dream. It was too bad when I woke up and forgot my mum had visited and was asleep in the bed next to me. Luckily it was a king bed and she was on the far other side. Its been a very long time since I moved to another state away from my family. So I must have been very relaxed knowing she had been at my place for a few days. But eww what a time to have one lol. I told her a couple of days later cause I randomly started laughing about it and had to tell her. She cracked up laughing. Lol
my experience is like tash's. I can have an orgasm just by squeezing my thighs together, and I think I do this in my sleep cos I often wake up at the point of orgasm. My partner says I buck about as if I'm having sex when this happens which is soooo embarrassing! It never happens if I masturbate before going to sleep which I usually do anyway. And if I'm too tired I just put some lanacain cream on my clit before I go to sleep. This numbs my clit so I don't cum.
I have wet dreams usually when I'm on my back too..I'll have a sex dream and then start to have an orgasm in my dream but I wake up and end up having real one without even trying hahaha it's awesome!
adaleen love
Wed, 01/21/2015 - 10:17
Its really hard for me to have an orgasm during sex but i get wet dreams once a month and they feel so much better than sex itself
Supha 20F19484
Fri, 01/23/2015 - 07:53
This is crazy damm its been happng for over about a year nw nd I get wet dreams about one girL She's nt even my women nd yet I never get wet dreams about my women yuck I hate. I dnt know wat to do to stop it maybe if I hve sex wit her my problem will be solvd but u never know she might be my baby mamma. Or maybe tell her wat she is doin to me at night. YEAH I THINK SO
I'm 25 and I get a wet dream the day before my period, almost every single time. It's been happening for about the last 3 years, and it's always an enjoyable experience. My theory is that it's a hormonal thing, since it's such a roution thing.
I am 25 and also 16 weeks pregnant. I have had 3 wet dreams in approximately 3 weeks. It is always accompanied by a nice dream too so no complaints here.
hi im raqwanda and i been having some wet dreams every month nd i alwasy squirt to the point where i wake up soaking wet and still squirting like a fire hydrant, is it because i drink water before bedtime?
I have orgasms in my sleep. Usually if it's been a while since I've had sex. The dreams that cause them are very vivid. I will normally wake up right after I have orgasmed and still feel the pulsing. I think it's great but have never actually meet any other woman who had this experience.
Sun, 03/01/2015 - 18:39
I'm 24 and I've been having wet dreams for a few years now. At first I was really confused because I didn't know what it was or why it was happening. So I decided to look it up. I didn't know woman could have wet dreams. Nothing comes out but I always wake up to a great feeling between my legs.
I am a 29 year old female and I just recently started having 1-2 wet dreams a night for the past 2-3 months. I am usually just dreaming about talking to a friend or something off the wall like being in space and I start to feel an orgasm coming on... In my dream I always look away from whoever I'm around and have an orgasam then I wake up. It's so weird! Is having 1-2 a night normal?? Is something wrong with me???
I have had orgasms during sleep for a very long time. I'm 22, and lately they've been happening a lot. I put it down to having not had sex for a pretty long time, and haven't masturbated much lately either. They usually tend to crop up during those times. Sometimes my dreams can be completely non sexual, or embarrassing in their nature. Last night involved Peter Dinklage and I had multiple orgasms, cringe. I'd like to point out that I've had insomnia for years too, and need to be heavily dosed up on sleeping tablets to get off to sleep. My orgasms during sleep are a lot more intense than when I masturbate, and I feel it internally too, whereas I never feel any pleasure from that normally, usually only from stimulating my clit. I've never managed to climax from sex, or from another person stimulating me, but in my dreams it happens easily, too easily!
I also have wet dreams but not often enough to say how many times a wk/mnth. However I had one just recently where I actually had an orgasm and came in my panties! I woke up breathing hard and heavy, my body shaking and my underware wet as if I had just had mind blowing sex only I was alone! I was so confused because that was the first time that EVER happened. The crazy thing was afterwards I remembered the dream so vividly (yes it was VERY sexual) I thought something was was wrong with me but now that I know different I hope it happens again oddly it felt amazing and I didn't even have to do ANYTHING besides go to sleep!! :)
I often dream of sex and feeling horny and wake up soaked like I've peed myself . I don't orgasm during sex and have gone a while without it. Am I having a wet dream?
Once in a while I will have an orgasm in my sleep that is so intense it wakes me up. It will always be during a dream but the dreams are never sexual in any way, something random will be happening and then I'll start having an orgasm in my dream but then it wakes me up bc it's a real one. Also the orgasm will be really intense, more so even when I have one during sex or masturbation. It's really weird. I had them more often when I was with my ex boyfriend, and we were frequently sexually active. After we broke up and I wasn't having sex, I still had a few but farther apart. Didn't notice any pattern at all. Really strange but I'm not complaining haha.
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