Would you have sex on the first date?

Would you have sex on the first date?

By asandil Monday, November 1, 2010 - 15:13
When the Times of India asked, "Is sex on the first date acceptable?" 52% of respondents said yes. But many people pointed out that their response is less about sex and more about the freedom to choose how you want to spend time with your date.

Vicky from Dubai is a good example. She wrote "I think sex should not be considered a taboo subject anymore. Even though I am not supporting indiscriminate sexual encounters like one-night stands, I have an opinion that sometimes the people who are dating are the best judges of the actual situation." 

Kalpana fronm Bangalore agreed. He wrote "It is the ultimate intimacy a couple can get into when they really need it. If culture is the barrier, (it is no longer) tradition to have moral norms in daily life. We all know how the great cities of India are getting westernised eventually."

Several people suggested sex on the first date is a "western" phenomenon. But is this true?

A recent poll published on a Dutch singles site found that less than 20% of respondents would consider sexual intercourse on the first date, and in reality only 5% ever had. But a majority agreed that people should feel free to choose for themselves.

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