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Freedom of love for all: Is India ready?

As India marks its 72nd year of independence, we asked people if everyone should be free to love who they want and in this regard if homosexual relationships should be allowed legally. Here’s what we heard.

Despite my religion, I agree

Section 377 (the law criminalising unnatural sex) violates human rights. So, I feel it should be abolished. I’m a Muslim, and according to my religion, homosexuality is a sin. But, let it be between a person and their God. There is marginalisation of not just homosexual people, but also transgender people. Unke baare mein baat he nahin hoti (There is no conversation about their concerns).

*Imaan Ahmad, 30, Assistant Professor

Turn it around

Homosexual relations should be legalised by scrapping Section 377. Otherwise, people indulge and live as per their choices discreetly, anyway. So, it’s better and simpler to just legalise them.  

*Rachna Vadhera, 57, Banking professional

On the fence

Atmosphere impacts thoughts and seeing homosexual people around will influence younger people. So, in that way, it should be kept in check. But, if they continue to be criminalised and their expression suppressed, then, they will take to venting out in harmful ways. Maybe 377 should be dropped, for that reason. It is right and wrong, both. I can’t say an absolute thing.

*Kavita Kumari, 25, artist

The time hasn’t come yet

India isn’t as broad-minded yet as to give recognition to gay and lesbian rights. These are recognised in many other countries. But, there is so much diversity in this country and India is not yet ready, I feel.

*Akhilesh Pandey, 46, Manager (plastic manufacturing company)

Yes, but conditions apply

With some precaution, consensual homosexual relationships should be made legal. Like, there should be mechanisms to check the spread of sexually transmitted diseases that homosexuals are at risk of.

*Praveen Jalan, 23, IAS aspirant

Stay put

I think Section 377 should be upheld and gay relationships should remain illegal because such relationships sound odd even to think of. Though, it’s likely that some men feel more comfortable with men.

*Suman Sharma, 33, Private construction-company employee

Let’s avoid it, please

In foreign countries such relations are legal and accepted. But, as per our customs, it should be avoided, despite the fact that we are an independent, democratic country. If it were something that brought economic development for the country, I would be ok with making it legal. 

*Kamal Prasad, 31, Sales professional

Once upon a time

Such relations have existed since prehistoric times. They were there even in times of kings like Akbar and Shah Jahan. Kings and businessmen who used to travel for long duration would have gay partners. And the queens and royal ladies who stayed behind, similarly had lesbian partners. It was right and healthy back then. But these days, such relations are causing prevalence of disease. So, they should be illegal. Now, such relations are not right.

*Venkat Iyer, 65, Administrative officer

Obviously, love is no crime

Section 377 should be scrapped and gay relationships legalised, obviously. It is not a crime to love someone. I have a boyfriend who I love. I understand what love is – whether between people of same-sex or opposite sex. Every adult’s choice should have equal weight.

*Shweta Sarkaar, 21, Food & Beverages assistant


Do you want to read more about the term LGBT and what they mean? Read our article here. 

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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