Breast shape and nightfalls: What's your puberty grief?

Breast shape and nightfalls: What's your puberty grief?

By Kiran Rai Friday, October 13, 2017 - 12:25
Teenage is a confusing period – there are many changes in the body – and thus an easy time for myths to prey on. Breasts, penises, menstruation and masturbation – myths galore. We bust some to make troubled teens a tad easier.

Myth: Puberty kicks at one age for everyone

Fact: ‘My friends are growing up, why not I?’, is a common teenage refrain. However, it is a myth that puberty kicks off at one age for all. Bodies start developing at various ages. For some girls, the development of breasts and menstruation can start as early as nine, while for others it can come as late as until they are 13, 14 or even 15. Some boys begin to have facial hair when they are 12, while others have to stare really hard at the mirror to find even a speck of hair even when they 15 or 16. So puberty kicks in at various ages and they are all perfectly normal!

Myth: Size matters

Fact: Many girls begin to develop their breasts as soon as they hit the teenage or even earlier. For some, the development means that their chest needs support and hence the need for a bra is felt. Others, however, may not need a bra until they are 16. It’s a myth that breasts become huge if girls don’t start wearing bra early. Bras and breasts come calling differently and the size of the breast does not grow big or small if one does not start wearing bras at a certain shubh muhurat.

For boys - size does matter, but only to them! Many boys feel that a big penis is some measure of masculinity (also confidence) and thus get attracted to penis enlargement products, which can do more harm than good. No products can change the size or how you feel about yourself.  

Myth: Masturbation is bad

Fact: Some of the common myths surrounding masturbation are that it can make you infertile, ill, unhealthy, weak or lower your physical stamina. However, the truth is – masturbation is one of the simplest and safest way to satisfy your sexual or bodily desires. It can help in uplifting your mood and lessen your anxiety and is perfectly normal.

Myth: Body hair is uncool

Fact: Girls and boys start to grow hair around their armpits and pubic areas when they hit puberty. Many want to get rid of them immediately thinking it is uncool to have hair. The important thing here is to understand that it is perfectly normal to have some hair in these areas. Maintaining proper hygiene with regular bath and keeping these areas is clean is all that’s required.

Myth: I am always going to croak

Fact: A rough or hoarse voice is common for all teens – yes it happens to girls too –  but some may think that this will never change! Cracking of the voice is as normal as falling off of the milk tooth post-toddler age. And remember your teeth did reappear! Just hang on there and before you know it, your voice be clearer, stronger and with that grown-up feel you have always wanted!

Myth: Love is in the air

Fact: Whatever Karan Johar might show in his movies, the pehla pyaar in school is not a given. Crushes may or may not happen. Attraction may or may not happen. And yes that’s perfectly normal. Don’t go out of your way to get one –  emptying your pocket on gifts and flowers –  because your best friend is in a relationship.

Myth: Wetting the bed is for toddlers only

Fact: When puberty kicks in many teenagers experience nocturnal emission, also known as a nightfall or wet dream. It is a process where an orgasm happens during sleep leading to an ejaculation (release of semen for boys). It is also common for girls to experience a similar vaginal wetness. Nocturnal emissions are not a sign of a problem in the body. Nightfall is a normal process and nothing to be ashamed of.

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