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He said, ‘I will ruin you’

Love and relationships
When Vijay proposed to Riya, she rejected him outright but Vijay was persistent. He, along with his friend Sonu, threatened Riya and told her that he would ‘ruin’ her. Riya shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘We were just joking Didi’

Love and relationships
Sheetal felt really stressed and helpless because of a group of boys who used to harass her on the way to the coaching class everyday. But then something happened that changed things forever. Sheetal shares her story with Love Matters India.

Ma's secret: Married at 14

Richa always knew that there was something amiss about her parents’ marriage. But she wasn’t emotionally ready for her mother’s revelation.

A wedding with no pundit, no kanyadaan

Harsha tells us about her sister’s wedding that became the talk of her town in Bihar. All thanks to her dad! So get a cup of tea and chair as this one’s not to be missed!

From a kiss to the baby: What Bollywood taught me about sex

Making Love
Talking about sex has always been a taboo in Indian families. The only way youngsters, especially those of us growing up in the 90s and before, could get anywhere close to learning about sex was from Bollywood. Kiran regales us with stories of all the sex wisdom Hindi cinema bestowed on her.

I just couldn’t take the taunts any more

Gender Diversity
If you thought only women had to bear the burden of do’s and don'ts, you ought to hear these men out. From playthings to grown-up stuff, lines are very clearly drawn for men too. And the social pressure to conform has burst many a young dreams.

When my husband’s kadak chai saved the day!

Love and relationships
Nishtha*, a working woman from Delhi, often finds herself being told off by her neighbours for ‘making’ her husband Vijay* do all the household chores. Only until they tasted the yummiest rajma chawal in town!

Why men should wear pink

Love and relationships
Men don’t cry. Pregnancy - end of a career. Women are bad drivers! These age-old ideas – telling us what a man and woman can and cannot do – are known as gender stereotypes, and are quite rampant in our culture. We list out a few for you along with the efforts being made to challenge them.

In our society only men are free

As the freedom fever gripped the country, Jagriti’s thoughts ran back to the last year of her life, where she had to fight every single day with the people she loved the most. Freedom only applies to men, she tells Love Matters India. For women, it’s all about the limits men set on us.

I couldn’t have been a party to that crime

Priyank, a Delhi University student, blindly trusted his dad when he asked him to come back home urgently. Turns out, they wanted him to ‘see’ a girl for marriage. The moment Seema entered the room with cups of tea, Priyank felt something was not right!

Asking your crush out: Do’s and Don'ts

Love and relationships
Girls, we need to start doing what men have been doing for ages. Asking them out! Women are climbing corporate ladders, flying planes and breaking sports records but we still won't ask our crushes out. Why? Here are a few do’s and don’ts when you ask your crush out.

Was my friend a lesbian?

Sexual Diversity
Nazma was attracted towards her friend Kavita as they were grew up together in an east Delhi neighbourhood. However, neither she nor Kavita could understand these feelings and they remained bottled up inside her. Years later Kavita found out about Nazma’s unhappy marriage and wondered if things could have been different if Nazma had received support in understanding and exploring her sexuality. Kavita tells us about the girl who ‘missed her a lot’.