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Rishte hi rishte: do’s and don’ts on matrimonial websites

Matrimonial websites have long replaced the rishta karane wale uncle and aunties. Here are top tips to make the online new rishta makers work for you!

Should I marry a girl with disability?

Hi Auntyji, a proposal has come for my marriage with a girl in my neighborhood. I like her but she walks with crutches. I am not sure if I should go ahead. Please help. Rajesh 24, Jaipur.

Arranged marriage, love marriage: what’s best?

Arranged marriage – outdated? Love marriage – a risky business? What do young Indian people today think? We hit the streets of Mumbai with a camera to ask them.

My fiancee had a bf earlier. Should I be worried?

My fiancee says she had kissed her ex-boyfriend. How do I know they didn't go the full way? I am stressed and unsure whether to carry on with this engagement.
Jacob, 28, Kerala.

Why I said no to my marriage

Thinking about Marriage
Srinivas met a girl and decided to marry her. Soon after, his old friend called him. That call made Srinivas say no to the marriage. Read more to hear their unlucky story…

My fiancé wants me tested for HIV – should I agree?

Auntyji, I am getting married. My fiancé has asked me to get tested for HIV. He says everyone should get it done before marriage. I am too shocked. Riya (23), Orrisa.

Will my wife think my penis is small?

Male body
Auntyji, I am getting married in a few months. I am worried that my future wife will be disappointed with my small penis size. What should I do? Rohit (24), Ambala.

Will he find out I'm not a virgin?

I recently had sex with my ex! Will my future husband know that I am not a virgin? What should I do now? I’m so worried. Please help me! Priya (26), Allahabad…