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My orgasm is purple. What colour is yours?

By Steve Korver Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 19:29
Red can subconsciously influence our sexual behaviour. For example, a study shows that women tend to wear more red when at peak fertility. But there are other colours in the sexual rainbow. For example, purple…

Roses are redWhile our close relatives, the baboon, rear their red, red butts to signal their fertility, no such visual exclamation for ovulation has been documented with humans.

Until now: “Women at high conception risk were more than 3 times more likely to wear a red or pink shirt than were women at low conception risk, and 77% of women who wore red or pink were found to be at high, rather than low, risk,” according to an under-reported study ‘Women are more likely to wear red or pink at peak fertility,’

Research is fertileThis red, red hot research backs a bouquet of recent studies establishing red as a primary colour of attraction.

“Cumulatively, the research shows that the effect of the colour red is significant, unique, and that it operates at a sub-conscious level. Red is experienced as attraction booster by both sexes, although the mechanisms that mediate the effect of red on attractiveness ratings appear to differ for men and women,‘ according to ‘Red alert: Science discovers the colour of sexual attraction’.

For women, a man in red suggests that he has a higher social status – something that many girls rate as attractive.

For men, a woman in red suggests that she is more ready for sex – something that many boys rate as attractive.

And for a change, men are not being utterly delusional. For example, women dressed in red on their dating site profile are twice as likely to be interested in casual sex.

But of course, “there are many reasons, unrelated to sex, why someone may decide to wear red (or not). Maybe red just looks good on you. Maybe it’s of the height of fashion this winter. Perhaps this is the only clean shirt you found in your closet.”

Or perhaps you’re a communist.

More research is obviously needed. For example, how does red influence gay relationships? And what about black since it’s the most common colour worn on dating sites?

Orgasms are purpleThat sex is a colourful experience is especially true for synesthetes – people who are prone to mixing up their senses. Some taste words. Others see music. Others feel colours…

“Needless to say, there's a whole lot of sensory and emotional stimulation at work in your typical bout of whoopee-making, and therefore plenty of opportunities for a synesthete's neurobiology to go positively frantic with crosstalk,” observes ‘What colour is an orgasm?’ which reports on a study of 19 people with sexual forms of synaesthesia.

The study’s conclusion is reassuring news for mere mortals: “Synesthetes seem to experience a deeper state of sexual trance without, however, enhanced satisfaction during sexual intercourse."

But still, synaesthesic sex sounds red, red hot.

For example, one participant describes their initial arousal stage as having an orange quality. Another describes their post-orgasm state as fluttering between pink and yellow. And a third participant describes their sexual build-up as an initial fog evolving into a wall which at the moment of orgasm shatters into “ring-like structures” with “bluish-violet tones”…

It’s enough to make a baboon red hot with jealousy.

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