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How to deal with rejection: Do’s and don’ts

You like someone, you can’t stop thinking about them, you ask them out and they refuse. What do you do now? Here are some do’s and don’ts to deal with rejection.


  • Prepare yourself 
    You may be attracted to someone but that person doesn’t necessarily have to be attracted to you. One of the best ways to avoid being hurt by rejection is to prepare yourself for both; the good or the bad. This will help you not to look at rejection as a shock. You may also want to think about what will you look forward to or focus your attention at later. You can try talking to close friends or family.
  • Respect their decision
    If someone rejects you, it most likely means they are not ready or they don’t envision a relationship with you. It is okay, you have to let them go and respect their decisions. It is not right to bother or question their choices.
  • Focus on yourself
    You can also think of this moment as an opportunity to focus on yourself. Work on self-development. Try to keep yourself in sync with what is happening around the world or what you are passionate about. Do things that interest you and discover where your interest lies. Travel or just do what you have been thinking of doing for so long.
  • Meet new people
    In short, be open to change. If someone rejects you doesn’t mean everyone will. Go out and meet new people. Join some groups, take some activity classes that interest you and make friends there. Change is good. Fresh start is good. New people will also make you feel good.
  • Meet a counsellor
    If you think you cannot handle the situation by yourself or that you need help; meet a therapist or a counsellor. Sometimes it is tough to overcome feelings of hurt or betrayal. Don't shy away from taking help. It will help you assess your situation better and move on faster.


  • Let it affect you
    Your self-esteem or self-worth is more important than any other person. Never let any rejection affect your self-confidence. If it didn’t work out with one person, that doesn’t mean you aren’t made for anyone. Instead, think positive and look ahead.
  • Lose focus
    Don’t go overboard with emotions and deviate from your daily responsibilities i.e career, studying, taking care of your family etc. Rejections are hard to deal with. You may find yourself feeling low but always remember to do things that motivate you.  Similarly, hurting yourself, punishing yourself, procrastinating, abusing drugs or alcohol is very harmful.
  • Isolate yourself
    Just because you are not in the best of your moods, it doesn’t mean you distance yourself from your friends or family. Spend time with people who matter to you and talk to people you trust. Talking about it might help. If you don’t feel like talking, you can try other things like exercising, playing or whatever makes you happy.
  • Make hasty decisions
    Often in anger or spite, one tends to take decisions that seem right at moment. Staying calm will not only help you avoid taking rash decisions but also keep you In better shape. Of course, some changes in life are necessary but not without thinking them through.
  • Stalk
    Don’t stalk the person who rejected you, let them be. Give yourself some time too. Stalking will only make you feel worse about the situation. If you meet someone else, give them a fresh chance.

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