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Does my flirty colleague want sex?

By Auntyji Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 12:43
There’s a girl at work who flirts with me. Does that mean she wants to have sex with me? I am confused. What should I do? I don’t want to miss the opportunity! Chetan (25), Delhi.

Auntyji says… Yes, yes of course you shouldn’t! Aise mauke baar baar nahin aate, hain na?  But oye wait oye..

Clear invitation?

Suno jee Chetan, what do you mean by, “I don’t want to miss the opportunity”?  What opportunity, oye?  Has she sent you any invitation that clearly says, “Come over for sex!” Not really now, did she? This is pretty much your own dil ki khwaish, your own heartfelt desire! Take it easy, puttar.

So to begin with, let us explore. What does flirting mean? She is cutesy, she banters, she jokes, she makes some straight and oblique comments, sometimes borderline sexy, yes? So? Maybe she is just having some fun with you, teasing and baiting, checking you out, basically! If a girl does that, she wants to have sex, but if a guy does it, he is just plain cool! Hain ji?

Too hot to handle

Betaji, flirting is an art, a skill. It takes time to get good at it. It is just harmless fun, as long as it does not cross any lines of making promises, giving a word or asking for favours. There is a difference.

For example, if someone says, “Which sane man would not want to marry you at any time, darling?” It definitely does not read as a proposal. “Marry me now!” Ruk jaa, o dil diwanee!

Flirting doesn’t mean she is giving you a booty call! Some people just enjoy flirting. It gives them a kick, a sense of power perhaps. Don’t take it so seriously.

To read more about flirting, click on the picture below!


Couple flirting over a glass of wine


Good for gander?

Coming back to what I was saying earlier, let’s say a guy at work is a sexy, suave character. Kabhi one look at one ladki, kabhi one flying kiss to another, kabhi a naughty message to the third and so on. All you guys just want to hang his photo on the wall and want to be blessed by him with similar attributes. “Teach me some, Gurudev!” you might say, hai na?

But if a girl does it, bas, woh bechari kuddi toh becomes chalu cheez, item or maal. She’s too fast, she has no morals, she is sleeping around and God forbid, she gets a promotion. Then toh 100 percent guarantee she is a W*&^%!

Mixed signals

We often get confused about how to handle a skilled flirt! Here is a small tip or two. Don’t take it so seriously, it’s playful. Flirt right back, or keep your distance. If she is really keen on you, chances are she will pursue you differently. If she is just having fun, and you are not, well then you are too boring for her. No sparkle, so no fun! Play over. You may just end up as good friends some day!

Kissa mukhtasir, beta Chetan. Just because she is looking at you a lot, charming you, sometimes playfully touching you, making sexual innuendoes, tossing her hair, asking what’s your favourite colour – blue or white? You say white and she shows up in white. The list is long but it does not mean that she wants you in her bed! It just means, perhaps, she is having a jolly good time.

You are not the only one for sure and if you can keep up, it is fine. If you cannot, bow out of this game and let her find someone else. Don’t get your hopes too high and neither get yourself tangled in a love mesh. Before you know it, she will be singing, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.”

To protect the author’s privacy, the person in the picture is a model.

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