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Female orgasm: myths busted

A woman’s orgasm seems like a difficult subject to grasp. Not only is it confusing for men, even some women have a tough time cracking the O-word. Myths and urban legends around the taboo topic add to existing misconceptions.

But worry not, Love Matters is here to set facts apart from myths. In this edition of Sex Myth Busters, we’ll lay bare some lies about female orgasms.

Myth 1: Intercourse is the key to a woman coming

Not really. In fact, some studies suggest that only one third of women can orgasm through intercourse alone. Most other women need manual or oral stimulation to reach climax. If you’re trying to figure out what works for your partner, communicate with her. Try out different positions and different ways of making love – take your time to know what works best.

Myth 2: She’s ‘frigid’ if she doesn’t climaxThere could be different medical or psychological reasons behind a woman not being able to reach an orgasm. Scientists and doctors call this condition ‘anorgasmia’. If a woman has difficulty coming or simply doesn’t come, it doesn’t mean she’s ‘frigid’, or cold towards you.

Myth 3: It’s the partner’s fault if she can’t orgasmThere might be varied reasons for a woman not being able to reach an orgasm – a position that doesn’t work, an unmatched rhythm during sex, insufficient foreplay, or even anorgasmia. But none of these should point the blame towards the partner.

Her pleasure is also her responsibility – a woman needs to communicate clearly what she likes and dislikes so her partner can cooperate.

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