How to wear condoms

How to wear condoms - dos and dont's

Do you know how to wear condoms? Condoms are a great accessory for sex. Yes, really! But don’t they kill the mood? Well, not as much as worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancy! We think condoms can be super sexy if you know how to use condoms. And only safe is really sexy.

So find out how to make condoms a sexy part of foreplay and intercourse and enjoy. Here is how to use condoms or how to wear condoms in best way! 


  • Try new things
    Have you ever used a female condom? Why not give it a try! It takes some time to get used to them, but once you got the hang of it, some women even prefer them to a male condom. Because they say they feel their partner more intensely.

    Or try using water-based lubricant with your condom, which also increases your sensation, especially if you use tingling or warming lube. Or use a flavored condom for oral sex – who can say 'no' to chocolate after all?
  • Use condoms even if you are allergic to latex
    Condoms are that best way to protect yourself from STDs when you are having sex. They are also pretty effective in preventing pregnancies. But a few people are allergic to regular condoms made of latex. Luckily that shouldn't stop them from using condoms altogether.

    There are plenty of other options like nitrile and polyurethane condoms. They even have an advantage: you'll be able to feel your partner's body temperature much better, which makes sex with a condom even more exciting!
  • Stick to the condom rules
    A bust or ripped condom isn't sexy. So do stick to the basic rules of how to use condoms safely, and all will be well.

    - Use one condom at a time, not two on top of each other or a female and male condom together. This can cause the condoms to slip, and they won't protect properly.

    - Make sure the condom isn't past its expiry date, isn't damaged and hasn't been out in the heat for too long. That can make it brittle. The same goes for keeping condoms in your wallet, or in your pockets for weeks at a time.

    - Don’t use scissors to open the packet, and be careful you don’t damage the condom with your nails.

    - Roll the condom down over a fully erect penis while squeezing the air out of the tip, so it won't burst later. Never unroll the condom before trying to put it on.

    - Use a new condom if you switch from anal to vaginal sex.

    - Only use a condom once!


  • Let condoms kill the mood
    Some people don't like using condoms because to them, it kills the mood. They don't know how to use condoms or how to wear condoms right. But that doesn't have to be the case. Putting on a condom can be part of foreplay, and you can help your partner put it on. Stroke the penis and then roll it on. Or if you’re more adventurous, use your mouth. To do this, place the condom over the head of the penis with your hands, and then use your lips to roll it over the shaft. You can use your hands to help if it's too difficult. If you do this, he is unlikely to object to use a condom ever again!

    Some women have even mastered the art of putting a condom between their breasts and having their man thrust his way into the pre-warmed condom. That must take some serious skill though. Who's up for the challenge?
  • Believe you are 'easy' because you carry condoms 
    You have heard the myth that people who carry condoms are easy, cheaters, players, asking for sex and so on? Well, a few people may believe that, but people who carry and use condoms are concerned about their own and their partner's health.

    So carrying condoms is a really good thing! Plus, nothing is worse than both of you being in the mood, and then having to go on a frantic hunt for a condom. Being prepared is a very smart and sexy move!
  • Let it scare away the erection
    Some guys find it hard to keep an erection once a condom is on. If that's the case, try not to interrupt foreplay with condom-fumbling. Instead, make putting on a condom part of foreplay, or at least continue kissing and stroking each other while putting on a condom. It takes some skills, but learning them will pay off!

    Also, you might want to try different brands and sizes to find a condom that fits well and feels good. Because a good feeling is what sex is all about!

    The guys can also practice getting used to the feeling, like masturbating with a condom. And finally, stop worrying about it – it's hard to keep an erection if you’re worried about going soft. So focus on the good stuff and enjoy the moment. 

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