Types of Birth Control

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Five super reasons to glove up now

Birth Control
At least once in every consenting sexual relationship, couples have had the famous ‘can-we-go-without-a-condom’ discussion. Why do we see condoms as a barrier to sexual pleasure? Make friends with condoms and you will realise that they are capable of so much more than just saving a pregnancy! Here are five benefits of using condoms that will make you think twice before popping the ‘can we?’ question.

Emergency contraceptive pills: Myths busted

Types of Birth Control
There are a lot of rumours and misunderstandings about emergency contraception pills out there. But when it comes to preventing pregnancy after sex, don't believe the myths – get the facts.

Using condoms: dos and don'ts

Types of Birth Control
Condoms are a great accessory for sex. Yes, really! But don’t they kill the mood? Well, not as much as worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancy! We think condoms can be super sexy if you know how to use them. And only safe is really sexy.

Emergency contraception: top five facts

Types of Birth Control
Emergency contraception? A night of passion, a slipped condom, and a rush to the pharmacy or clinic in search of a ‘morning-after pill’. There are many options you have, so don't panic – find out more in our top five facts.

Condom too tight - maybe you're too big?

Safe Sex
Size does matter. Condoms are more likely to break if too tight or slip if too loose says Theodoor van Boven, who runs the Condomerie, the "world's first specialised condom shop" in Amsterdam.

Saheli – the only non-hormonal birth control pill

Types of Birth Control
Is Saheli the answer for young women who would like to take the pill but have trouble with side effects? Unless you live in India, you might not even have heard of this weekly birth control pill.