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How to dispose condoms safely after sex?

Taking off and disposing of a condom requires some careful thought and action. Should you flush it? Should you just throw it in a dustbin? Here are some useful tips on how to use condoms.

We allknow how to use condoms but what about after you have used them? After you have ejaculated, just pulling out a condom with a jerk can cause some nasty spills of semen. And flushing it down the toilet is a bad idea unless you want to call your plumber the morning after you had sex. 

Here’s what you should instead: 

  • Men must pull the condom out from its tip; whereas women should pinch the surface around the outer ring and twist it before pulling out. This helps keep the body fluids intact inside. 
  • Once out, tie a knot around it, just like you’d with a balloon, for the same reason – to keep the contents inside. 
  • Wrap it up in a paper towel, old newspaper or tissue paper. 
  • Throw in the dustbin. 

There are various types of condoms but the disposal method applies to all condom brands. And that’s all there is to it. These small steps on how to use condoms before and after sex can go a long way in preventing long-term ‘accidental’ consequences. After the first few times, the process will become second nature to you.

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