I'm 32 and 7wks pregnant and haven't had sex in over 2wks. Despite pleasuring my husband regularly in other ways, I myself haven't had the urge for any type of sensual play due to severe morning sickness... However, last night I had a strange dream about boring 'everyday things' but in my dream I had left my car keys in a supermarket store, at the check out till, and ended up sprinting in slow motion back to the store before it locked up for the night. Now during that slow run, whilst asleep, I felt a thrusting twisting pleasurable sensation in my groin which, when I immediately woke up from my dream, I could still feel it's after effects, thus resulting in wet pj's. This is the third time in my life this had happened to me... I always assumed its due to a lack of sex. Good to know in not the only one


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