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Sex with my brother-in-law

When Devi’s expat husband was away, her brother-in-law poured out his heart. Read her story of tangled relationships, sizzling sex and guilty secrets.

Devi is a 31-year-old housewife from Ahmedabad.

New beginnings

Right after graduation, my parents started preparing for my wedding. Frantic and long phone calls to relatives, seeing pictures of prospective groom every day and decking up the house was all my parents would do. I was young, unprepared and confused but I couldn’t stop them. They looked really happy and always told me that it is for the good of our family. I gave in and things worked out really fast. Within six months, I was engaged and three months after my engagement, I got married.

It was an arranged marriage. My parents and my husband’s parents had been friends for many years. Initially, I struggled to adjust to the new house, new family and new environment. My husband was very supportive during this time. He was always around, helping me every time he felt I needed something.

Two months after our marriage, my husband moved to Canada. He started working for an international bank there. Both of us had plans to move together but it was decided that I stay in India along with his family for a while.

Overcoming loneliness

Almost a month after my husband left, I started feeling sad and lonely. I was restless, sitting idle whole day at home. Slowly, I started spending more time with his family and eventually, I got close to everyone. They all loved me.

Time started passing quickly. I was busy with household chores, taking care of my family and learning a new language in my free time. A year later, my husband finally took a small break from work and decided to visit us. His time in India was short and he wanted to spend most of it with me.

We went to different tourist places, took up small vacations on the weekends and visited our several relatives, including his elder brother who lived near our house.

Strange connection

His brother was single but very handsome. We had a long conversation about our past and current relationships. He seemed quite interested in me and wanted to know what kept me busy while my husband was away. I found it strange at first but also loved some of his attention.

A few weeks later, his brother visited me again. By this time, my husband was gone and I was alone at home. He told me that he wanted to discuss something urgent regarding our family business.

We began speaking over a cup of tea and it was then that he confessed his love for me. He wanted to be in a relationship with me. He even suggested that I leave my husband and start a new life with him.

Right or wrong?

To be very honest, I was shocked. I didn’t except something like this but I couldn’t reject him right then. Over the next few days, he continued calling me, pursuing me to meet him again. I was obviously attracted to him but also scared about ruining my marriage. He assured me that he would keep it all a secret and not speak about us to anyone.

We started meeting regularly, at his house or whenever I was alone at home. Our time spent together brought us closer, physically and emotionally. He would carefully listen to me and make me feel special. While I was enjoying the attention, I also regretted cheating on my husband, behind his back. I was constantly worried about the consequences I’d have to face if anyone found out my relationship with my brother-in-law.

Today, it has been three years since I started dating my brother-in-law. We meet very often and have a great sexual compatibility. My husband and my family are unaware of my relationship. Whenever my husband is back, I stop all communication with my brother-in-law. I love my husband and don’t want to part ways with him but while he is away, I do enjoy my brother-in-law’s company.

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In her previous marriage, my wife's husband agreed to get married only if the relationship COULD be an open one. My wife, who was 24 at the time, was the first to take advantage, mostly because he wasn't attentive, and busy and being younger, she was craving more. Her divorced brother in law lived down the street and she aided his transportation problem by driving him to work. They were attracted to each other and started to get physical, and she was excited to be "hands on" him when they were in the parking lot of his night time employment. Only once did they have the closest of encounters, and she thought things were too close to home so intercourse was limited to once. She did continue to appease his appetite in the parking lot with her strokes as replacement for penetration. Within the month she and her husband rented a different apartment, and the encounter ended and neither spoke of to to her husband. They stayed married for five years. I cannot speak for her reasons or feeling, but I will say that libido is a very hard thing to control and managing the situations might be tricky.
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