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'Vibrators can change your life'

Vibrators give the most speedy and powerful orgasms. In fact women worry their sex toy could put their partners out of job. For women who have trouble with climaxes, a vibrator is the answer, according to the Medical Center for Female Sexuality.

But you should be aware of what you’re getting into – it might change the way you feel about sex.


The fast and intense orgasms left some with an uneasy feeling. The women said they felt bad about needing a machine to create the sensation instead of relying on their own or their partner’s body.

They also worried they’d get hooked on the instant thrill. “I don’t want to ever get to the point where I would prefer a vibrator to sex,” said one.

Some in the group were also concerned about their partner’s feelings. They felt selfish or guilty for having fun with the vibrator instead of with their partner.

“Crazy women”

But for the same number of women, the vibrator made them feel “liberated”. Before the trial one participant said she thought vibrators weren’t for ordinary people like her, but for women who were “more crazy sexually”. After a “wild” month with the vibrator, she’d changed her mind: “Maybe I’ve decided I’m one of those crazy women!”

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