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Female orgasms: top five facts

Female orgasm – isn’t it the most mysterious and taboo topic in all of human sexuality? What makes a woman come? Can she have multiple orgasms? Can women ejaculate? How long does she take to come? And do ‘nipple orgasms’ really exist?

We have answers to these questions in this edition of our top five facts on female orgasms. Read and get clues to her treasure trove...

Many ways 

Now, there are many ways for a women to orgasm. Intercourse is just one way to get there. And you know what, most women don’t even climax during intercourse. They could need some work on the clitoris, oral sex is said to be really effective and fingering her can work too. Some women can also have orgasms when they are stimulated enough around the G-spot, a very sensitive area on the front wall inside the vagina. Basically, there’s no golden rule. Find out what works for your partner and explore the pleasure areas together.

Multiple times

Unlike men, women can have multiple orgasms – one right after another. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This is how it works – the clitoris returns to its normal size 15-20 seconds after an orgasm and is ready to be stimulated once again. Men, on the other hand, need more time to recover after they ejaculate. Watch our animated video to know ways to make love to her...


Ever heard of women ejaculating during an orgasm? Take our word – it’s real! So what comes out when women ejaculate? It could be a white, milky fluid secreted by the female prostate gland or it could be a clear fluid that resembles pee. If you want to learn how to make your partner have squirting orgasms, there’s an African technique called Kunyaza to help you out!


Women normally take longer than men to come. It’s just easier for men to reach an orgasm than women. The best way to keep in step with each other is by communicating while making love. If you need more time to get aroused, let your partner know. Guide them to indulge in sufficient foreplay before speeding to the finish line.Another point to note: it’s very rare for both partners to come simultaneously. Simultaneous orgasms are a bonus, but don’t give them too much importance. Just enjoy sex as naturally and spontaneously as it comes to you.

Nipple orgasms

Yes, they exist! Some women can orgasm only through enough stimulus on their breasts, specifically the nipples. And you know what – the size of the breasts doesn’t matter – women of all breast sizes can feel aroused when their breasts get some attention. That’s because nipples have a lot of nerve endings, making them extra-sensitive to touch. You can stroke, kiss, lick and even bite a woman’s nipples to turn her on. Whether she reaches climax or not, she’ll surely be aroused after that.

Go explore her body and find out what works for her and what doesn’t. If you get stuck along the way, why not ask her?

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