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Top love tips on how to seduce women, from women!

By Sarah Moses Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 09:44
In a recent study, hundreds of Brazilian women shared what it took for a man they didn’t know to seduce them. Read and learn from their love tips!

Guys, you know the dilemma well. Maybe you’re hanging at a bar after work or sitting in a café on a Saturday morning. You spot a cute girl chatting with her friends and can’t take your eyes off her. You’ve got to do something, but what on earth will you say to her? What can you do to up your chances of seducing your crush? Here are some love tips

Love over looks

Showing you’re totally into a woman, more than having a killer bod or a successful career might just be the way to her heart. That’s the good news over 400 young Brazilian women revealed in a study conducted by sexpert Dr. Jaqueline Brendler. She asked women what it took for a man they didn’t know to seduce them and shared her findings in an interview with Love Matters.

Once a guy’s worked up the courage to approach a woman, what they say to her can make or break their chance of a date, the women told Dr. Brendler. It really is all about that first conversation. Guys who have interesting and intelligent things to say and who can work their charm are more successful in getting a girl’s digits.

Smile away

Of course it’s not just what you say that matters. Looking her in the eyes, especially in a way that shows you’re sexually attracted to her, and smiling top the list when it comes to seducing a Brazilian woman. That's the most important of all love tips. 

You’ve followed these love tips and now you’ve got her number. What can you do to make sure you plans to ask her out don’t bomb? First things first—you’ve got to keep your word. Call her back when you say you will and if you plan to meet for a date at 7 p.m., make sure you’re there on time. Starting things off by keeping your promise is definitely important.

Give it all

On a date, little gestures go a long way in the art of seduction. Brazilian women like it when a guy holds open the door for them or brings them flowers, the study showed. Of course your date might be into different signs or gestures. Whatever they are, what matters is finding ways to show you really dig her.

So what’s the take-home message on seducing a woman the Brazilian way? Go the extra mile to show you think she’s special and that you’re smitten. Make eye contact, ask her about herself, bring her a small gift—it’s up to you to get creative. Your actions and words on the first few dates make all the difference.

Have you asked out a woman? How did you go about it? Got any more love tips to share? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below or via Facebook or join our discussion forum to have your questions answered. 

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